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Thursday, May 17, 2012 09:08 am

Letters to the Editor 05/17/12


I think I may have come up with the solution for current and future state retirees and our concerns about health insurance and retirement. I think we should just operate under the same principal that our wizened leaders do.

Even though you are living on a fixed income or have spent a lifetime planning for your retirement based on signed agreements, you may soon be asked to pay more, and work longer. It seems those wizened leaders cannot do the job they were elected to and budget for the expenses they have.

So we should all do the same, agree to pay the extra cost, heck even sign a document to that effect. Then for years ignore that bill, never paying for it and then down the road when it absolutely has to be paid, ignore the agreement and pawn the cost off on someone else!

If you are successful at this type of budget balancing, you may even qualify to run for a legislative seat, and receive much better benefits, perks and salary for taking a part-time job.

Greg Bouillon

I think we can save Griffin Woods from needless destruction for a new Schnucks store with a massive email campaign to their corporate office in St. Louis, along with one to the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, owner of the property. Their email addresses are as follows: www.schnucks.com/contact_us.asp. and www.dio.org/contact-the-diocese.html. Thanks to all who have already spoken out about this ill-advised project.

Mike Townsend

On Sunday, May 6, more than 300 people gathered outside of the offices of R.W. Troxell Insurance. The occasion was to recognize the sponsors of the Ward 6 Revitalization and Rehabilitation Fund and the neighborhoods which were the first recipients of these grants. Last year, Alderman Cory Jobe promised to initiate a program to raise funds specifically to enhance public areas of Ward 6.

Neighborhoods could apply for monies to plant flower beds, install signs and lighting, conduct a cleanup or participate in the city tree-replacement program. On May 6, eight neighborhoods of Ward 6 each received $1,000 from the Ward 6 fund. Our thanks to all the sponsors of the Ward 6 Fund, but especially to Alderman Cory Jobe who implemented the fund and then financed much of it with half of his aldermanic salary. It was a promise kept and an extraordinary – and generous – commitment to improvements in Ward 6.

The neighborhoods of Grand Central, Harvard Park, Hawthorne Place, Historic West Side, Iles Park, Springfield South Corridor, Vinegar Hill and Whittier Avenue

During my many years of renting apartments in Springfield and my years of working for various businesses, I have come to notice a complete lack of interest from the Springfield Police Department regarding vandalism to any items not owned by management/property owners.

At Near North Village, during the 1990s, I had bicycles which were, repeatedly, vandalized, then stolen. A police report was filed, with no further action taken. Later I had two bicycles stolen on West Governor St., yet the police response was the same.  Even at Hildebrandt Hi-Rise, my bicycles were vandalized, yet police “interest” was limited to taking a report.

Now, at my latest address, a brand new tire has been stolen, right after being installed on my latest bike. Yet, when I called the S.P.D., the response was more of “What do you want us to do?” than, “How can we help you?”

I have been told many times that Springfield Police Department considers bicycle vandalism and theft to be a non-issue, or non-crime, since bicycles are listed as mere “toys.” But what about those of us who depend on our bicycles to ride to work, grocery stores, and so on?

I wonder how many of my fellow citizens would be in favor of helping me form a vandalism counter-attack group, whose focus it would be to drag the police, kicking and screaming to the admission that bicycles are not “toys” and that more must be done to protect bicycle owners’ rights. I am proposing that Springfield area bicycle owners join me in forming a new protection group, which I am tentatively calling “GET OUT!” as in “Bicycle thieves: GET OUT! of SPRINGFIELD”

If you have been a victim of bicycle vandalism, and you are tired of the police doing nothing more than filing reports, then I ask you to write to me at: powderpuff2364@yahoo.com.

Norman Hinderliter

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