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Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012 04:20 pm

Letters to the Editor 9/20/12

Rodney Davis and Illinois outsourcing


The 13th District congressional candidates, Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, pictured here, and David Gill, D-Bloomington, have joined the national debate over health care funding.

Rodney Davis is so “pro Wall Street” that he advocates handing over Social Security tax funds to the same Wall Street investors, financiers and bankers who stole hundreds of billions of dollars from the treasury and caused the current recession. He hides this, claiming he will “not change benefits for current beneficiaries.” He won’t talk about anyone not of retirement age, for whom he proposes “privatization.”

Rodney Davis supporters have a TV ad that screams “David Gill will abolish Medicare!” There is some truth to this; Gill proposes that the U.S. become the equal of the rest of the industrial world, with universal health care for everyone through a single-payer system. This would be, basically, Medicare for everyone, at a cost much less than what you pay now in Medicare taxes and insurance payments. Gill, a doctor, clearly knows medicine, and he knows that the current idiotic “system” supported by Davis creates armies of disabled, sick people who have limited access to health care and ultimately cost billions in taxpayer disability payments. Gill will protect Medicare until a saner system is passed.

The Republican Party platform in 2012 calls for handing over Social Security/Medicare trust fund taxes to Wall Street, calling this “freedom to choose investment accounts.” Why would anyone but bankers and brokers vote for this? When Davis says he will protect Social Security, it is a surprise that his pants don’t burst into flames. His dishonest advertising and his embarrassingly backward views on this and about every other issue deserve to be consigned to the dustbin of local history.
Donald J. Hanrahan

I found the article entiltled “AFSCME under siege” [by Patrick Yeagle, Sept. 13] very interesting. It should also read “Illinois under siege.” The call center that was in the professional regulations department was indeed outsourced. The employees were to be retained and, hopefully, all were. The call center is now in the state of Florida. I am sure that Florida business will not be paying taxes in the state of Illinois. The idiots are running the asylum. Who makes these stupid decisions?
Patricia Gietl

With the recent lowering of Illinois’ credit rating, I write to ask: When is enough enough? The lunacy needs to end. State political leaders and/or career politicians have led Illinois to the brink of collapse and the laughingstock of the nation. Nursing home bills go unpaid. School districts and small businesses suffer from delinquencies. Pension funds have been robbed and monies misdirected for 10, 20 or 30 years. Now the state is trying to renege on promises and contracts.

Top priorities should be bill paying, education and pension funding. But with the misguided priorities of our state’s leaders, pork barrel projects instead get funded. With neighboring states (Wisconsin and Indiana) solvent and prospering, Illinois leaders should take heed. Illinois leaders need to lead, and stop the financial and ethical decline.
Greg Kruger

I find it rather hypocritical that using drugs to enhance performance of sports entertainers is decried as cheating [see “Cheating is the American way,” by James Krohe Jr., Sept. 13], whereas mechanical modifications are viewed as wonderful, i.e., Tommy John Surgery. And by the way, I don’t see anyone wanting to take away any of Whitney Houston’s awards because of her chronic cocaine abuse. I don’t see cheating as an entertainer even remotely related to these other acts of cheating in our society.
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