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Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012 09:54 am

cosmologypoem # 9

cosmologypoem # 9

before dawn tomorrow is the prime time
to see leonids 20 shooting stars an
hour predicted – one every three minutes
with me not acclimated yet to the time
change I may be up to watch for them
missed the perseids in august both showers
come around every year but every year
is one less year for each of us a few summers
back demi and I were in the little rowboat
on our small vermont lake awaiting perseids
everything still no lights no lapping waves
no meteors only a faint brief streak at long
intervals we talked softly drowsed – suddenly
a seering swath of light blazed horizon to horizon
daylight for two seconds then black – around the
shore a synchronized gasp then a cheer only then
did we realize scores of others were silently on
their piers watching for perseids it was an
unforgettable moment of communal joy was
that your last perseid demi how I long for you
to be here tomorrow what a reward to see even
a faint leonid were it in your blessed company

2012 Jacqueline Jackson
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