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Thursday, May 20, 2004 03:53 pm

Grace about town 5-20-04

Radio active

What a weekend. It was so big that it oozed over into Monday. Which can get messy.

I've been busier lately than I anticipated. My big show! I needed a stage. And lights! I didn't have lights until this Monday, but luckily my friend Mike Taylor is coming to my rescue, lighting-wise. Thanks, Mike.

Last week, I got caught up in all sorts of computer things. Mac guys vs. PC guys. DVD MINUS R. DVD PLUS R. Too many initials. Many other incomprehensible and maddening computer things. I'm quite annoyed with technology right now. Why can't they make everything compatible, that's all I'm asking.

The Mac vs. PC guys battle is kind of funny. Every time I get into a discussion with a Mac guy or a PC guy, they're all unflappably certain of the rightness of their own deeply-held computer beliefs. It's not actually a discussion: it's them talking at me about an infinite amount of computer stuff and me nodding my head and wondering if anything will sound remotely like the English language. This includes Dave, Kurt, Jeremy, Alex, and Tim. (Boys, I do enjoy listening to you talk, even though I'm sure one or all of you must be a little bit wrong. Or maybe you're all right in your own ways -- what do I know?)

Let me just say that Dave Cain of Umedia is a brilliant and cool guy. I missed the big fundraiser for the Center for the Arts a couple of weeks ago, but I heard he had stuff happening on every floor. He's shown me some of his amazing multimedia work, and it's beautiful and dazzling.

I was on Tom Huber's show "Crop Circles" on WQNA (FM 88.3) Saturday morning. Have you ever listened to this radio station? It's run by the Capital Area Vocational Center. They've got a slew of DJs who play whatever kind of music they're passionate about. Radio at its most fundamental.

The station seems to need lots of funding. They have some underwriters, including Recycled Records, Jim Herron, PJ's Lounge, and 709 Liquors. Where are all the other underwriters in Springfield? Please, if you underwrite, give them a call. I'd underwrite myself, but of course I usually need underwriting of my own.

I had a great time on Tom's show. He plays alternative country, underground rock, New Orleans-style R&B, and Tex-Mex. Everybody from The Replacements to Loretta Lynn to Jason and the Scorchers. They were one of the first bands to mix punk rock and country. Who knew? Tom. Tom is a font of musical knowledge.

I passed out fliers for my show at the Old Capitol Art Fair on Sunday. I've always loved the art fair. My parents were in it years ago, and I spent more than one birthday hanging out there. I still have a clay piece in the shape of a very realistic banana split that Mom bought me one year. I've carried that thing from state to state, wherever I've moved. It's important to be close to representative ice cream.

On Monday, I got up very early to be on Bob Murray's show on WTAX (AM 1240). Bob is a good guy, despite the fact that he seems to remember with much more clarity my disastrous audition for weatherperson at WICS, Channel 20, many years ago. He recalled I actually asked "where's the script?" to the guy in charge of the audition. I remembered thinking there would be a script, but I didn't realize I'd said it out loud.

To fortify myself for my second radio appearance on Monday (but it's not an appearance, right, because I didn't actually appear? A radio happening?), I stopped off at Wienerdog downtown for a most delicious Chicago hot dog. I don't know why I've never been to the Wienerdog before, but I'm going to go there all the time. The owners, Mark Anderson and Rob Deaton, are very friendly, and I like the fact that it's their very own restaurant, yet another local Springfield eatery we need to support. Get your wiener dogs!

Monday afternoon, I was on the Molson & Lee show on WMAY (AM 970). Johnny Molson and Andy Lee did improv in Detroit, they still do three-man comedy shows, and they're all-around talented guys. Plus they're nice. And fun. Good qualities. I'm looking forward to seeing their improv show, which they do a couple of times a year. I don't know why I never heard about it, but now that I do, I'll be there. The third guy lives in Detroit, which must make getting to the performances quite a drive. Hey guys, maybe you should think about a possible alternate player in your comedy troupe? Maybe branching out and including a woman? Just a thought. Something to ruminate on.

OK, if you're reading this on Thursday, you have one night only to see my show. At Stella Blue, 8 p.m. So I'll see you there.

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