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Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013 09:25 pm

Healthy and energized at 90


Lou Murphy with her trainer, Todd Hembrough

Lou Murphy has lived with fitness buffs her whole life. Her son, LaVearal Maxeiner, who is a fitness trainer, had encouraged her for years to start a fitness routine, and her late husband, Dave Murphy, was a college track athlete and Olympic hopeful. Despite the urging from the men in her life, Lou had always felt that working out wasn’t for her. Several years ago a couple more men in her life began to suggest that she develop a solid workout routine, but this time the men were her doctors, Dr. James Stegeman and Dr. Kevin Imhoff, and Lou listened.

Lou has been a FitClub member for the last 10 years and she says, “it has changed my life.” It has made her realize that “it is never too late to start.” Lou celebrated her 90th birthday this year and she is totally independent, full of energy and a source of inspiration to her peers. Lou is a living testament to the benefits of consistent and scheduled physical training. When Lou started her membership, she would walk on the treadmill a bit and do the elliptical machines, but she wasn’t seeing the life-changing results she sees today.

It has turned out that the missing ingredient in Lou’s fitness routine was a personal trainer. “The personal trainer is very important, and it has been worth every penny.” Lou’s personal trainer is Todd Hembrough “I love Todd,” says Lou. “I can’t imagine doing this without him. He has awakened muscles I forgot I even had.” Through working with Todd, Lou has gone from never wanting to work out to never wanting to stop. “It was hard to get started, but now I love it. I can’t even imagine not doing it now. I wish I had gotten started on this a lot earlier.”

Before Lou had gotten serious about her fitness by hiring a personal trainer, she was experiencing a lot of back pain that was also related to a constant pain in her hip. Lou needed to visit a chiropractor every month. But now that she is on an effective fitness plan she doesn’t need a chiropractor and the pain in her hip is totally gone. “When I used to step off of a curb it would make me very nervous. Now I can do it like it is nothing,” says Lou. “Going up steps used to be a real challenge. Now they are a breeze.”

Lou enjoys the new-found strength, confidence and independence her fitness has given her. “It hasn’t just helped me physically, but mentally too.” Lou had always had trouble sleeping through the night. She felt that getting three or four hours of sleep a night was good for her. She was even prescribed sleeping pills to get that three or four hours of sleep. Now that she has been working out regularly she says, “I get a full night’s sleep each night and I feel great. I celebrated my 90th birthday on Aug. 4 and I’m the happiest I’ve been in years.”

Lou’s husband, Dave, passed away five years ago, and Lou was left feeling alone and not sure what to do with herself. The time Lou spends at the gym has helped her to fill that void in her life and she has “made lots of good friends.” Lou says, “FitClub is like a family to me, and being a widow, it is very important to have friends you can count on.” Lou credits her health and wellness with her energetic and positive outlook. Personal training is important to Lou and she wants to share it with anyone looking to make a positive change. “I’ve gotten two of my friends to do it too,” says Lou, “and I have never seen them happier.”

Benjamin Lowder is the former publisher of ABE Magazine and current marketing director at FitClub.

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