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Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013 01:26 pm

Letter to the Editor 1/17/13

Lincoln, Krohe and fried chicken



Abraham Lincoln’s most striking quality was his commitment to doing what was right, no matter what. As a lawyer, he passionately tried cases he believed in. As president, he fought against all odds for the abolishment of slavery. He didn’t take the easy, safe path. He took the true path, relentlessly fighting for right.

Illinois state workers who are being robbed of 33 percent of their pensions, on average.

Teachers, correctional staff, disability and mental health workers come immediately to mind. On average, every correctional facility staff will be violently attacked twice during their career. Teachers spend more time with children than parents.

Yet, these workers and many more (with extremely heavy workloads and inadequate staff) are being robbed of the pensions they’ve worked for their whole lives. Just work longer? Many 60-year-olds have already worked 40 years and have health challenges. Just retire on less? Many are already working for less, further reducing their pensions.

This is wrong. Hard-earned money that workers put into their pension funds has been and continues to be stolen from them. Aside from the union, there’s no one in a position of power taking a passionate stand for what’s right, much less fighting for a viable solution. We need another Lincoln.

Michelle Sullivan


I want to respond to James Krohe Jr.’s opinion in this past week’s IT (“A new Jerusalem,” Jan. 10). I believe that he has no regard for the value of Springfield as a tourist destination in its own right due to the historic Lincoln sites. For one thing, he wishes that there was a Confederate counterpart museum which would reflect the Old South’s version of the Civil War and an alternative outcome, believing that somehow this would result in a greater influx of tourists to the capital city.

Krohe made a poor comparison of this to Kentucky’s Creation Museum, which I have attended twice since its 2007 opening. Now I know there are those who believe in the secular version of the origins of the world and of mankind, but there are many who really do believe in history based on the word of God, the Bible, because it is indeed the truth. What Krohe expresses is that the Creation Museum only tells a mythological view of history which a hypothetical War of the Rebellion museum would also use for the entertainment purposes of visitors. The Creation Museum is not merely for entertainment, it delivers the message of the Gospel to those who attend. Also, it is not appropriate to compare Springfield to Jerusalem, especially when Krohe mentions the increased visits to the emergency room due to visitors duplicating Civil War reenactments. I have also visited Jerusalem several times; both cities are unique and beautiful for different reasons. Let’s leave well enough alone. Springfield and Illinois are The Land of Lincoln; may this distinction never be tarnished.

Gaye Ahlers


Springfield is known for its family-owned, neighborhood restaurants that offer weekly specials of good comfort food. Many of them are known for their homemade meatloaf and mashed potato specials or pork-tenderloin sandwiches, and on the top of the menu-heap sits our Midwestern style of fried chicken. I’d like to think that if there ever was a capital city fried chicken cookoff, we could have one heck of a downtown party for chicken-craving folks.

My wife and I are always on the hunt for family-style (and cheap) meals and continue to explore local corner taverns or meander out to surrounding towns to discover some little out-of-the way café. This time, we decided to try a new, recently opened place – a former, longtime fixture in the Enos Park neighborhood.

Hankering for some fried chicken, we meandered on over to Susie Q’s Restaurant Wednesday evening and fortunately their special was the fried chicken with real mashed or mac and cheese, along with the usual sides. I can gladly report that we were pleased with our meal. Now there are plenty of good fried chicken joints in town, and we’ve tried most of them, but our chicken was well-seasoned, crispy and juicy. One last mention about Susie Q’s was the warm greetings we received from Barb, our friendly hostess and Missy, who took good care of us. Yep, we’ll be back!

Stan Zielinski

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