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Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013 09:37 am

globalwarming poem #5

globalwarming poem #5

okay folks we can quit worrying
this human-driven climate change-
catastrophic weather is going to
be over in about 500 years I heard it
from a major scientific mouth saw
graphs photos that’s because we’ll have  
used up all the forests oil coal by then
plus the CO2 will have sunk to the
ocean floor where it’s being absorbed  
into the dead coral then things will
ease back to our normal climate
change cycle what will happen to us
through those years as our numbers
grow exponentially is an easy guess
arable land will dwindle waters rise
droughts increase fracking make our
wells undrinkable tumble our peaks
into our streams foster revolutions
against the gated communities but
hey we can grow parsnips near the
south pole and maybe if we reproduce
even faster we can cut it to 400 years
or adopt by global choice or more likely
non-choice zero population growth

2012 Jacqueline Jackson
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