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Thursday, March 14, 2013 09:10 am

Letters to the Editor 3/14/13


A rig worker drills a saltwater well to get fluids to be used in hydraulic fracking in Kansas.

To frack or not to frack ... that is the question. There are two bills being presented in the Illinois State legislature. SB 1418 proposes a halt to any hydraulic fracking until we have a better understanding of how it will affect our water supply. HB 2615 has been crafted by both environmentalists and non-renewable energy advocates that would give Illinois some control over what chemicals are injected into the wells, some small setback protections from our natural water supplies and disclosure requirements of the toxins used.

Unfortunately, the companies performing the new fracking techniques in Pennsylvania have a record of continuously violating state regulations, so we should be ready for these companies to do the same here in Illinois. I suggest passing both bills so that the regulations will be in place.

It all comes down to whether we are up for gambling the safety of our water supply for a quick buck. These jobs and income are temporary and will dry up when the gas is gone. Risking poisoning our lakes, wells and aquifers is not a smart move.

Anne Logue


Dr. Paul Smelter served this community as a family physician for more than three decades with compassion and distinction. It was a great honor for me to have been his colleague and friend for a quarter century. I continue to admire him for his commitment in word and deed. He truly honored this hallowed ground of Abraham Lincoln with the practice of “with malice toward none and with charity toward all.” He practiced the eloquence of altruism, “What you do to the least among us, you do to me.”

Dr. Smelter is an excellent family practice physician who remained committed to keeping up with the medical literature and served on the board of Sangamon County Health Department. He practiced a pound of prevention in medicine with immunization practices in this community. His fealty to his family is inspiring.

Dr. Smelter has decided to relocate to Texas. D.H. Lawrence said, “Every parting means a meeting elsewhere, and every meeting a new bondage.” I salute a physician who served in our community for more than three decades and honored the medical profession with his practice of excellence.

Neni Prasad, M.D., F.A.C.P


Announcement that the State of Illinois has purchased 547 acres of recreation land for $2.8 million leaves me wondering where is the money coming from? The next day the state announced that Illinois State University is getting $54 million to build a fine arts complex. Duh! Every level of government is bankrupt, broke or near broke but the spending goes on.

Local electric rates, water rates, sewer rates are still climbing from recent improvements, property tax rates are increasing despite five to seven years of property value decline, and don’t get me started on gasoline price increases! With food prices rising and medical care costs increasing, it makes one wonder how is the average family functioning?

Enough new spending, enough with fee increases, enough with tax increases and/or fine increases. Business as usual is not an option. Help my grandkids.

Greg Kruger

What I found troubling about the article “Gunning for change,” by Patrick Yeagle is how the author only mentioned concealed carry, as a “viable defense against attacks on one’s person.” I could not disagree more. I am astounded that this article made no mention of a viable alternative, to concealed carry – the self-defense known as martial arts.

Concealed carry will only ensure that criminals and mentally unstable people have even more access to more weapons. My concern is what will happen when the public starts carrying guns. There is just so much danger, not just of people being “jumped” for their guns, but that there would be added temptation to use weapons to settle other disputes. I suggest that the public be encouraged to pursue martial arts training. Discipline of the mind and body is a far better defense than lead rounds.

Norman Hinderliter

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