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Friday, Feb. 12, 2010 02:22 pm

Green Links 2/12: Dear Livejournal ...

This week has been crazy! I've been doing a lot of running around and going back-and-forth between our main office and the Capitol. (I also locked my keys in my car yesterday. That turned into a two-hour debacle with lots of ridiculous circumstances and oh god I don't wanna talk about it.) Hence, I haven't had a lot of blogging time. I haven't even had a lot of writing time, just note-taking and interviewing and transcribing and plugging my recorder into the speaker boxes at the statehouse. (If only they could plug directly into my brain and I wouldn't have to listen to the same statements a million times to make sure I got an accurate quote.)

So today's entry is kind of on the barely relevant side, but it's Friday and that I'll take that as an excuse. I have a bunch of serious business posts for next week, but I'm not feeling well and my brain is tired and I just want to go home and fall asleep to another episode of White Collar on my laptop. (The main character wears various fabulous vintage/thrifted suits and a fedora. LOVE IT.)

I know we think of Livejournal as a place for angsty teens to vent about how much they're over their latest high school catastrophe, but I have to say that I still enjoy their communities section. Though I'll always love Twitter/Facebook/YouTube, I really like having an easy-to-use public forum that allows users to post and comment on content/issues that are relevant to their interests.

LJ has infinite communities for any interest you can think of (and because it's the internet - some you probably don't want to think about), and most places allow all members to post. One thing I really like is their comments section in each post. A lot of blogs make it really hard to follow who's talking to whom. This means you'll miss all the really good internet fights, because you can't find the comment from the person who started it.

Anyway, LJ communities can be a great source of environmentally friendly news/facts/tips, etc. Don't neglect the comments! Sometimes you learn more there than in the actual posts.

Green Future: One of the largest LJ communities dealing with clean energy, renewable resources and sustainability. Over 1,400 members with pretty regular posting. A great resource!

Abandoned Places: OK, this is just barely squeaking by as relevant, but I can't help myself. I'm a huge fan of photography featuring urban blight/decay/abandonment. I don't really think this is contradictory to my role as an environmentally conscious person. I'd prefer we created sustainable structures that wouldn't fall out of use and into disrepair and ruin, but it happens, and we might as well draw attention to these properties through exploration and awareness. A lot of these photos are fantastic, and the stories behind the properties range from tragic to bizarre to haunting. I spend hours here when I'm procrastinating.

Thrift Horror: I love this community! It's an entire group blog committed to the creepy, weird, unsettling and just plain random things you find at the thrift store. Creepy clown paintings, 80s jumpsuits and clocks featuring taxidermy abound. It's always hilarious and totally intriguing and you might even find something from your local store. I should send my photo of the back door guests are best sign here. I need to get on that! (No pun intended. Gross.)


(I took this photo at the Salvation Army at Wabash and Chatham during my Halloween costume hunt last year. I can't believe I didn't buy it! For only 79 cents, I could've had endless hilarity. I never saw it again, which I hope means someone bought it. I like to think of some denim-skirt-wearing mom hanging this in the kitchen and her teenage son laughing hysterically.)

Anyway, these are just a few of the great communities on LJ. Don't be afraid to go there. You can find great things!

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