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Monday, June 25, 2012 03:34 pm

Hear, hear

Should the film Noise, starring Tim Robbins, be required viewing for all? Well, that might be going a little far, but during this year of compassion in Springfield, Illinois many might benefit to know that there are those among them who are sensitive to or suffer with their noise. In the film, Robbins’ character lives in New York City where he becomes painfully bothered by the city’s excessive racket. He moves to the country but finds that leaf blowers, lawn mowers and weed eaters are just as loud as car alarms and stereos and the other urban clamor that is pushing him to the breaking point. Is the world nosier today? Are our machines louder? The answer might be yes if you read some of the online statistics. Leaf blowers can reach 70-75 decibels. Several communities across the U.S. have set ordinances to curb the volume and quantity of noise-making yard equipment – banning leaf blowers particularly. What about inside our homes? If you’ve purchased an appliance recently, you’ve noticed that some list decibel levels on their labels.  Many of the dishwashers I spied recently were between 55 and 50 decibels. What are safe noise levels? Check out a couple links below on the subject to start you with your research. If you want to watch the film, Noise, follow the Internet Movie Database link below. It offers free screening of the movie via HuLu.

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