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Sunday, May 5, 2013 10:44 am

This afternoon: Owen x Dooley = Rock and Roll


What do Owen and Dooley present? I would submit that this multi-generational duo presents blues-based, balls-out rock on a level rarely achieved. Tom Dooley Woolsey has been the guitar player to beat on the Springfield rock scene pretty much as long as there has been a Springfield rock scene. He hits the strings with authority and abandon, displaying a complete mastery of all forms of rock music from Chuck Berry to 1970s hard rock to new wave, all put through his musical Cusinart and blended into a cohesive style that is 100% Dooley, every bit of it rooted in an implicit understanding that all of these have always been mere variations on the blues.  When Dooley is on the stage it's hard to look away.

 That is, unless Owen Irwin is by his side. Owen (eldest son of pre-eminent Springfield singer-songwriter, IT Pub Crawl scribe and longtime Dooley running partner Tom Irwin) is young, lean and hungry and it turns up in the fireworks of his fretwork. Steeped in music since birth, Owen always plays his heart out and his musicianship has grown at such a rate that he almost seems like a different player than he was just a year or two ago.

When these two play together, the combination of youth and experience feels positively dynastic, two generations of masterless rock guitar ronin joining forces to slay all comers. For this afternoon's show at Boondocks (2909 N. Dirksen) D and O will be joined by the ace rhythm section of Patrick Miller (Damwell Betters) on drums and Keith Vogele (Bottle Rockets) on bass.

Important note for afternoon rockers: The set will start at 2pm sharp and end at 2:45, so don't dawdle. These guys might be rock and roll guitar gods, but they are also punctual.

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