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Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013 03:27 pm

Letters to the Editor 8/15/13


Sharefest volunteers shovel mulch to soften the ground beneath the swings at McClernand Elementary School.

Thank you so much for such a positive article (“Extreme school makeover: A church organizes an outpouring of generosity called Sharefest,” Patrick Yeagle, Aug. 8). Hope and generosity breed hope and generosity. I am sure you understand that with a steady diet of crime and war, people become desperate for some good news. The way Springfield, the U.S. and even the world will prosper and flourish is to remember that most people are decent and caring. They just need some “how to” steps to empower them to make the right choice and do things that build the community up.

The school upgrades discussed in your article raise property values, encourage new business and industries, etc. The positive effect snowballs. It often starts with just mowing your lawn, then mowing your neighbor’s lawn or baking some cookies and sharing. This isn’t newsworthy until it hits a grand scale, but it is out there and thanks for letting us know that.

I was involved in a very small way that let me be privileged to see things being transformed. I heard them tell the volunteers that the number one rule was to have fun! The only other rule was, “Don’t be stupid,” covering safety and reassignment to a better fitting job when necessary. All that said, I cried through the whole article. I am linking your article on Facebook and I hope it gets your paper proper recognition as you carry out the spirit of Sharefest day by day.

Margaret Sandel

In listing all the Springfield corruption (“Don’t tolerate public corruption in Springfield,” Sheila Stocks-Smith, Aug. 8) that came to her mind, Sheila forgot a few; let me jog her memory. How could she forget Governor Blago? The twice-elected governor supported for reelection by Democrats and labor unions is now living in the ‘Illinois Wing’ of the Federal Prison System. Hitting even closer to home, who erased Springfield District 186 closed-door meeting minute tapes which held information critical of Dr. Milton? I am still amazed that nobody has thought it important to find out who was behind that fiasco?

In fact, how could Stocks-Smith fail to mention the entire State of Illinois General Assembly, many of whom were supported for reelection year after year by Democrats yet they corruptly spent money they failed to set aside for pensions, creating the largest public pension deficit, second only to Detroit. In a way, I understand how she missed these examples of Illinois corruption. Those seeking to gain favor must be careful not to hurt the party most likely to benefit them. In this way she would make a very good Illinois politician.

Jerald Jacobs

Planned Parenthood of Illinois applauds Gov. Pat Quinn for signing into law four bills which help protect women, men and teens from domestic violence.

As a leading women’s health care provider and advocate, Planned Parenthood of Illinois understands firsthand the devastating impact that intimate partner violence can have on a woman’s health. Planned Parenthood of Illinois staff proactively screens and refers for intimate partner violence in a confidential clinical setting, and work in the community on sex education that includes important conversations about healthy relationships. If women have experienced both reproductive coercion and partner violence, their likelihood of experiencing an unintended pregnancy is doubled.

We must put an end to violence against women and do everything we can to be sure that women are safe and healthy in their homes and schools by improving our state’s response to domestic violence and dating violence.

Carole Brite, president and CEO
Planned Parenthood of Illinois

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