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Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013 12:49 pm

Letters to the Editor 10/24/13



Mr. Krohe seems a bit negative in this article. (“Courting new fans: The Velasco Tennis Center opens in Washington Park,” James Krohe Jr., Oct. 17). I’m a pretty average player and my wife is even more average. Include our not-yet-teenage son and daughter, and you’ve got tennis players who just like to play the game – not advanced players or those who wish to be. We love going to Washington Park to play tennis on such great courts. We are very pleased that the city has decided to keep these courts in such good condition. And Manny, as you must know, is one of the nicest guys around. My kids get his support and good will every time we see him.

I think the article would have been an opportunity for Krohe to say some nice things about the facility, Manny and the game of tennis. As far as the elitist/aristocracy of the sport goes, I’m not so sure it’s any different than any other sport these days. Parents pay for soccer, hockey, skating, basketball and all types of activities for their kids. And still, with tennis, you can go to the court with a racket and a few balls and hit around and have some fun. Good courts are a real plus, no matter what your skill level.

Bill McCall

I read Jim Hightower’s piece “GOP unhinged by Obamacare: Laugh till it hurts” (Oct. 17), but it seems Jim might have missed the real story. Jim notes that evil Ted Cruz and his partners in crime, the treacherous Tea Party, railed against Obamacare knowing baby Ted had once actually used socialized medicine. Yes, Jim outed infant Ted who was born in Canada and expose baby Ted Cruz for obviously “working” the system until he was 4. In his zeal to nail Ted, Jim forgot to mention the real story: those who wrote Obamacare are exempte forever from experiencing the thrill of Obamacare!

That’s right, those who wrote Obamacare will never get to experience signing up for Obamacare online. Jim does not bother to explain just how judges, senators, representatives and President Obama himself were forever exempted from Obamacare. For me, as a member of the Tea Party, that is the real question. Even now anyone, Jim Hightower, President Obama and Senator Durbin could opt into Obamacare and show us all what a great deal it is. I am waiting.

Jerald Jacobs

I very much appreciate the articles you have had about conservation of materials and the land.

As you may know, the recycling of paints is a problem. The last time I tried to recycle paint, it took over an hour because there was a line of cars backed up for about a mile. Now this morning, I want to recycle some aluminum pans (not heavy aluminum, but the kind that people use once for a buffet or buy to take somewhere and don’t mind leaving) and Lake Area Disposal cannot take them because they cannot get rid of them. Springfield needs more recycling options.

I wish, oh how I wish, that you would always have a “green page” in Illinois Times and address issues such as this and include articles about how people are practicing conservation. If I can’t count on Illinois Times, who else is there to get this kind of information to the community?

Thank you so much for your newspaper.

Margaret Niederer

Editor’s note: We hope to fulfill this request as we are able in the future, including updating our “Environmentally Friendly” blog more often. Send ideas and recycling info to editor@illinoistimes.com.

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