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Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013 12:01 am

Thanks for Thanksgiving

Juke House plays the Craft Beer Rhythm & Blues Fest, Donnie’s Homespun, Sat. Nov. 30, 7:30 p.m. opening for blues legend, the Ernie Peniston Band.


The one thing we often forget to be thankful for at Thanksgiving is the holiday itself. That may sound silly or redundant, but that one little day on the fourth Thursday in November, set aside by governmental regulation for the entire country to give thanks all at once, has, for many, turned into a several day, pre-winter vacation, the beginning of the holiday season and for our purposes, a bonanza of live music performances.

Annually in this space and at this time, I expound relentlessly about the night before Thanksgiving being widely regarded as the biggest party night of the year. Long ago (at least for a decade), Thanksgiving Eve dethroned New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day from the penultimate place in the people’s party palace. And with a little deduction, using the day to develop debauchery makes sense.

Unlike the other holidays that move with the calendar, Thanksgiving Eve always falls on a Wednesday, the famed “hump day” anyway, already giving it a head start for the party conscious. When you add in the fact that the next day is one endless repeat of eating and napping, going out the night before and tearing it up seems like a good idea. I’ve heard only one valid argument against the idea of making Thanksgiving Eve a whoop-de-do of a night, when a certain fellow admitted he did not want to ruin his appetite for the day of the feast by drinking too much booze the night before. However skewed the idea of planning for excess might be to some, the guy certainly deserves credit for thinking the thing through and deciding what works best. I understand only a small little part of the populace will be partying, as most folks are preparing for the big meal or traveling to eat at one or are perhaps just not into going out (shocking news!), but for those into live music and the pub crawl scene, Wednesday night before Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful time to see live music.

Lest we forget the rest of the weekend, it seems the Thursday holiday primes the pump for plenty of action over the next few days as well, making the whole Thanksgiving time, an experience to experience. With all the Wednesday through Sunday hoopla, it’s hard to know where to start listing the happenings. Fortunately for you, dear readers of Illinois Times, our dedicated staff continues to keep the “Pub Crawl” up to date and inclusive, making it, dare I say without too much boasting, the finest and most complete list of club happenings around. With that said, you may have to check last week’s paper issue for this year’s Thanksgiving Eve shows, as available print space dictates using the extra day needed only once a year. But again, fortunately for all concerned, our calendar crew has it under control through IT online.

From back in the days of yore when I used to do the “Pub Crawl” listings, now antiquated objects such as telephones and fax machines were all the rage, when the most common form of submitting dates was an office visit with a handwritten note. Now our online submission format is the way to go and we just recently updated the site. Be sure to check out the improved band directory, with increased social networking connections, amended comments section and other functions. When I stop to think about how incredible it is that we can submit online anytime from anywhere, readers can look up on a handheld phone all the information about an artist, including performance times, photos, videos, bios and whatever else, I do feel thankful.

And what do you know, here it is Thanksgiving!

Contact Tom Irwin at tirwin@illinoistimes.com.

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