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Thursday, March 27, 2014 12:01 am

Letters to the Editor 3/27/14

In observance of National Sunshine Week last week, which celebrates the values of open government and freedom of information, our cover story examined Springfield city government’s penchant for secrecy and closed doors. Springfield Mayor Mike Houston pictured in illustration.



I helped elect Mayor Houston. He had experience as the mayor; I thought he would do a good job. After reading “Let the sunshine in” by Bruce Rushton (March 20), I am now very confused. You would think a two-time mayor would know how long citizens are allowed to speak at council meetings. You would think somebody on the council would know when they are violating provisions of the Open Meeting Act.

Sadly this does not appear to be the case and like the state of Illinois and the country, Springfield is being overwhelmed with retirement debt but possible solutions are never discussed by our leaders. Leaders should lead, not try to skirt provisions of the law designed to keep the public informed. I am now very confused, still looking for a real leader and hope one will appear before next spring’s mayoral election.

Jerald Jacobs


If Russia can take Crimea and make it a protectorate, why can’t the United States take Cuba and do the same? Russia gets a warm water port and we get Cuban cigars and really good rum.

As we invade, can’t you see Castro jumping off his deathbed and start burning Kennedy assassination records. Hell, the auctioning off of old antique automobiles still running would cover the billion dollar loan to the Ukraine.

This also lets the rest of South America (which is slowly communizing) see what happens when you mess with the big guy on the block. All is needed is for Congress to declare war on Cuba and send the enabling bill to the president.

Bill Klein



Last week’s NewsQuirks (“Litterbuggery: Problem solved,” March 20, Roland Sweet) contained a blurb about how Jed Clampett considered drilling a tunnel through the San Bernardino Mountains to vent smog from Los Angeles.

The blurb identifies Mr. Clampett as a “Beverly Hillbilly,” but fails to identify him as a fictional character whose scheme was also fictional.

William Zierath



It has come to my attention that the Illinois National Guard is not taking care of wounded veterans as they should. I have heard from several wounded veterans that they were being denied INCAP pay. Several that I have heard from have lost their homes, vehicles and much more. I have seen email traffic for retirement parties and such. I find this outrageous. The well-being of soldiers should be more important than some retirement party, and if they have the funds to throw a party they have the funds to pay our wounded veterans. I, for one, am not happy my tax dollars are not being spent wisely. There is no valid reason these veterans should go without; they put themselves in harms way for our way of life.

Concerned taxpayer

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