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Thursday, May 1, 2014 12:01 am

philanthropy poem #1

lately I have been writing a lot about
john rockefeller prentice grandson of
john d my new book is full of him and
his tireless work in producing better
cattle I knew him he gave me a copy of
treasure island in latin a mount hope classic
his father had arranged with scribners
so that his children would have books
interesting to read as he flogged them
into learning latin and ancient greek as
living languages it has the original
wyeth illustrations rock signed it to me
“macte virtute!”–“practice virtue”–
I write about how he poured his money
into research hiring all the best scientists
how he was considered a rich man yet he
was broke borrowing from his mother his
sisters how he was generally despised
because he was “wealthy” and probably
also by jealousy for his research was two
years ahead of the universities and doesn’t
everybody know universities should be
doing the research not rich men (did you
know that all the advances for women
have come through cow research? from the
pill to in vitro?) anyway he spent years
developing a container to carry
liquid nitrogen at almost absolute zero it
was to transport perishable semen anywhere
in the world it is vital to every hospital in the
world now – transplants and many other
uses did rock prentice patent it? he would
have gained multibillions but no he gave it
to the world a gift freely given I write all this
thinking of montsanto patenting genes and
everything else their scientists violate they
sue small organics off the land etc what has
montsanto given the world but gmos?

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