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Thursday, Sept. 16, 2004 08:52 pm

Common sense 9-16-04


Did you take full and proper notice of the political coming-out of President George W. Bush's twin daughters?

Jenna and Barbara Bush, the 22-year-old twins, have long been kept away from the political glare, but they're now adults who have just graduated from college, and both have been brought into the limelight by the Bush political campaign. Their first outing was for a photo spread and puff piece that ran in Vogue. Indeed, they looked splendiferous, beautifully made up and swathed in glamorous designer gowns -- one by Oscar de la Renta, the other by Calvin Klein. No telling how many silkworms toiled to make this photo spread possible.

But I couldn't help thinking as I viewed the photos: Why aren't they in fatigues and Kevlar vests, like other women and men their age?

Jenna and Barbara announced that they would be joining their daddy's election campaign. Why aren't they joining their daddy's war?

After all, Bush says the Iraq war is absolutely essential to our national security. And he insists that his policies over there are absolutely worth all the troops who have been killed, worth the horrible mutilations of thousands of other soldiers, worth the horrific beheadings, and worth the illegal conscription of tens of thousands of Americans forced to stay in this disastrous war beyond their legitimate tours of duty.

So if Daddy's war is absolutely worth the sacrifice of America's workaday families, why is it not worth the enlistment of his military-age family?

Maybe it's genetic. After all, Bush used family connections to keep himself 8,000 miles from Vietnam. And now that he's president, he can start his own war that leaves his loved ones safely swathed in silk . . . while our loved ones come home in shrouds.

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