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Thursday, July 24, 2014 12:01 am

Letters to the Editor 7/24/14



I was really interested in the article on the woman Catholic priest that was in the most recent issue of Illinois Times (“Woman priest defies Catholic diocese,” July 17, Patrick Yeagle). When I got done reading it, I thought, “good for you!” Then I started to really think about it. If the Catholic Church doesn’t recognize her as a priest, and has excommunicated her, then why would she want to perform mass and services that are Catholic? Why wouldn’t she want to encourage former disenchanted Catholics to join a nondenominational church based on the Catholic Mass, but not based on the church-made rules and regulations that the Catholic Church has embodied?

It seems to me that when you remove all of the biased beliefs and canons of the Roman Catholic Church, then you can’t really call it Catholic any longer. In my opinion, as a former Catholic, allowing women to be priests is only the tip of the iceberg. Priests should be allowed to marry. Divorced Catholics should be allowed to get married in the church. Everyone should be free to take communion. Weddings should be allowed outside in God’s beautiful creation. Everyone should be welcome to attend church services.

I personally think that the people who end up being Catholic are primarily born into the religion. This theory would support the decline in membership of the Catholic Church that has been noted in recent years. As people drift from the Church and seek other religions or spiritual avenues, then less and less people will be born into the religion.

I commend Mary Keldermans for the progress she has made and the parish that she leads. I just hope that the Roman Catholic Church would someday recognize the importance of including women and married people in the priesthood.

Crystal Forestier


Sheila Stocks-Smith says this humanitarian crisis has its origins in America’s craving for illegal drugs (Letters to the editor, “Obama, Durbin doing their job,” July 17). Those poor kids are running for our border because gangs have made life impossible. The problem is that the current version of the immigration law requires a hearing for children. NPR reports that the number of kids the judges are allowing to stay is on the rise. That fact, plus the hope for another amnesty, and word that no one goes hunting for those who fail to show for their hearing gives credence to a wish to get into the big P.X. Reform is more complicated. There is a very nasty drug war going on. Count the people shot in Cook County since the beginning of the year. If you have a solution for that you need gainful employment for the “sellers,” many of whom went into pharmaceuticals without finishing high school. Next fix the “buyers” who need to be clean and sober. Then you need different crops and markets for the growers, producers and distributors of these poisons. If you don’t work on the cause, the problem gets bigger. The Left’s solution to immigration reform is not focused on causation or national need, it is focused on keeping people dependent and ignorant.

Matthew Vernau


Oh, what a difference in the size of Springfield Clinic. When I was a youngster back in the 1940s and 1950s our family made frequent visits to the clinic that started with four doctors. My older brother George had a growth problem and Dr. Preston Vine (P.V.) Dilts gave him shots on a regular basis. Both George and I were allergic to poison ivy/oak, which resulted in a number of visits. Dad saw Dr. Manson for high blood pressure and blood clots in his legs. Other members of the family also visited the clinic but on a less frequent basis. The original Clinic was on the west side of Sixth Street, south of the Firestone store. Now the Clinic has a number of locations, including the large new building north of the Clinic First building. Also, a number of their doctors visit other towns on a regular basis to provide specialist services to a large area outside the Springfield area.

Tyre Rees

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