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Thursday, Dec. 30, 2004 01:21 am

The village people

It takes a village -- and maybe a village idiot or two -- to produce the editorial content of this newspaper every week.

Our little community of Illinois Times includes residents who are always hanging around, visitors who drop by occasionally, and tourists who show up because they've heard this is a great place to be. And, yes, every now and then, somebody loses his or her way and ends up here, too.

Most contributors, of course, are from Springfield and the central Illinois region. But we've worked with contributors from one coast to the other and even a few outside the U.S.

Although we're the local weekly newspaper of the capital city, our interests are broad -- and thanks to the Internet, we have readers around the nation.

More than 150 people were responsible for producing the stories, columns, poems, reviews, illustrations, and photographs that filled the pages of this newspaper in 2004.

One of the people whose name hasn't appeared on our masthead but who has read and touched most of the stories we have published this year is Kerry Bailey, a veteran copy editor and former colleague of mine in St. Louis.

Here, in alphabetical order, are the people who produced the editorial content of Illinois Times this year:

Dave Adden, Jane Adrian, Kevin Atterberry, Bud Bartlett, Marjorie Baumgarten, Bill Berkowitz, Frida Berrigan, David Bishop, Ben Bohnhorst, David Brady, David Brothers, Richard S. Brumleve, Will Burpee, Bob Cavanagh, Lakshmi Chaudhry, Connor Freff Cochran, Roberta Codemo, Michleen Collins, Jeannette Batz Cooperman, Job Conger, Joan Cormier, Elisa Crye, Chris Davis, Danté Dominick.

Geri L. Dreiling, Mila Dvoretskaya-Lemme, John Elliston, John Emerick, Kurt Erickson, Elizabeth Farrar, Fletcher Farrar, Jennifer Fishburn, Roy L. French, Corrine Frisch, Dan Frosch, Deirdre Fulton, Phil Funkenbusch, William Furry, Nancy Genevieve, John L. Glosser, Kazuko Golden, Yoshimi Yoshimura Golden, Kevin Greene, Phillip Gregg, Matt Groening, Dan Guillory, Ed Gutierrez, Theodore Haddin

Jeanne Townsend Handy, Tom Handy, Carolyn Harmon, Rod Helle, Jim Helm, Calvin Hennick, Jim Hightower, Calvin Hennick, Lynn Herzberger, Aaron P. Hill, Liz Huck, Kevin E. Hughes, Linda Hughes, Terry Hupp, Tom Irwin, Jacqueline Jackson, John Jermaine, Mary Lynn F. Jones, Sarah King, Cinda Klickna, John Knoepfle, Chuck Koplinski, Dave Koltun, Daniel Kurtzman, Cindy Ladage.

Jamie LaRue, Ginny Lee, Michelle Levander, David Logan, Maxxximum Madcap, Carol Manley, Patricia Hartsfield Martin, Scott Maruna, Max N. McIntyre, Marty McKee, Mary Michals, Rich Miller, Sharon Mosley, Pete Mueller, Louis Navaer, Frederick Noland, Catherine O'Connor, Barbara Olson, Cheryl Pence, J.R. Pegg, Dan Perkins, Siobhan Pitchford, Solana Pyne, Ted Rall, Dusty Rhodes.

Susan Rich, Barbara Robinette, Lisa Rolando, René Spencer Saller, Bob Sampson, Leah Samuel, Theresa San Luis, Bob Schaper, Robert Scheer, John Sherffius, Pete Sherman, Mark Sigoloff, Jennifer Silverberg, Randy Skalicky, Bette Jo Smith, Grace Smith, Shelley Smithson, Norman Solomon, Barbara Solow, Todd Spivak, Nathan Stapleton-McKenzie, Kevin Stein, Bill Steinbacher-Kemp, Nick Steinkamp, Terry Stoa.

Frank Stokes, Roland Sweet, Camille T. Taiara, Mike Taylor, Tom Teague, Duane Tinkey, Mike Townsend, Chris Vaeth, Jason Vest, Gale Walden, Kevin Wasmer, Mikel Weisser, Martha Whitaker-McGill, Michael Robert White, Christopher Wills, D.J. Wilson, John K. Wilson, Suzanne Woods, Penny Zimmerman-Wills, Walt Zyznieuski.

We thank all of our contributors and hope to see most of them in our pages in 2005. -- Roland Klose, editor

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