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Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016 12:01 am

it’s all ok poem #1

it’s ok to grab others’ busts bums
if you’re rich enough it’s ok to
lie also repeat lies over and over
till half the country believes you
that half incensed by faux news
foxes vixens if you’re rich enough
it’s ok to stab anyone not white
enough if you’re rich enough or
even whites if they’re poor or ugly
punts or males cuny enough to
be pows its ok to buy billions of
ads to spew hate if you’re rich
enough to pimp the media that’s
serving as your pimp ever stop
to think who profits from all that
moola not you me or miniwage
moms or workers replaced by
machines or malaysia kids making
seven cents a day if they’re paid
at all the grossly compensated
ceos get some of it and save more
by paying high-priced lawyers to
loop the loops so they needn’t pay
taxes your college kids walmart
greeters fifty thou in debt are
living with you since you are rich
enough b’cz america is great again

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