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Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016 12:01 am

sides poem # 1

 sides poem # 1

I’m sick of hearing there are two
sides to everything there are three
sides six a dozen a thousand and if
really only two is each equally sound
look at galileo look at tycho brahe look
at giordano bruno who said before
he was roasted at the stake “there
was in me, whatever I was able to
do, that which no future century will
deny to be mine ... not to have
feared to die not to have yielded to
any equal in firmness of nature, and
to have preferred a courageous death
to a noncombatant life.” these are old
examples who said more recently a fact
remains a fact whether you believe it or
not my college bio prof quoted thomas
huxley repeatedly: “god give me strength
to face a fact though it slay me” our earth
is hotting up ask florida’s mayors ask the
netherlands ask voiceless dead coral reefs
statistics show correlation with dramatic
co2 rise we are all tied to the stake sticks
already afire yet our deniers hold sway –
other burning brands refer to jap detention
as precedent torture has precedence too
far earlier than the inquisition as to sides
a Mobius strip has only one even though
you feel two between thumb and forefinger
yet it is a never-ending seamless loop

©2016 Jacqueline Jackson

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