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Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016 12:19 am

Letters to the Editor 12/1/16



Thank you for putting out specific steps, especially local actions, that are key in addressing the rapidly shifting climate on this planet. (“Perishing planet,” Nov. 24, illinoistimes.com)
I would suggest that every week Illinois Times make a place for a watchdog column that informs local citizens as to how they can support action on environment and civil rights encroachments in upcoming legislation: local, state and national.

Those of us who are up to the challenge need to meet once a month to work together to strategize protection actions on civil rights and reducing climate change.

The greatest generation was great because they stepped up and made great sacrifices. Are we willing to do the same? We must support one another, prioritize and stay on task. It is going to take every one of us.

Anne Logue


Regarding Alastair Bland’s Nov. 24 article on the topic of “man-made global warming” and “man’s impact on global warming”: These theories have been proven to be nothing more than hype and garbage since 2010. MIT professor emeritus Robert Lindzen and over 1,000 other notable scientists have discredited the global-warming alarmists as hysterical “cult” members.

Evidence continues to contradict these false theories and beliefs of global warming and man’s impact on global temperatures. Misinformed, the media continues to publish these falsehoods trying to gain more readers with ridiculous alarming headlines and images of a “perishing planet.”

Even as NASA declares 2014 as the hottest year on record, professor Lindzen and others remind them record keeping only started in 1880. A sample of 134 years is not much of a sample on a 4.5 billion-year-old planet. The facts allude them: 70 percent of the world is ocean, and mankind is unable to accurately measure temperature in or over the vastness of the oceans reliably. It is simple to understand as the oceans are huge and not well understood. I often wonder, does anyone else remember the hysteria in the 1970s among the alarmists for “global cooling” which morphed into “global warming” which is now “climate change.” Science sounds more like George Carlin’s hippie-dippie weather man.

Although conserving energy and building smart may sound practical, there is a catch. If the entire world would carry out all of the Paris accord on global warming initiatives it would cost trillions of dollars, enough to bankrupt a large number of countries and companies, sacrifice the jobs of millions of workers, strip mine millions of acres of land for the rare earth minerals and silica, and even if it all went perfectly to plan, it would not change the world’s temperature by even two-tenths of 1 degree Celsius.

Some reading this may think, “How can so many who believe in global warming be wrong?”

Perhaps you are old enough to remember Y2K and the day nothing happened.

Maybe you can recall the oil well fires of Iraq that were predicted to send the planet into a global winter, but didn’t.

You might refuse to believe science would ever hide or discredit the truth. I would have you read the story of Ray Davis and John Bahcall or watch it on PBS.

Together in the 1960s, they proved their theory on solar neutrinos. Thousands of scientists around the world did not like their theory or their proof and declared their facts as falsehoods. 40 years later, a Japanese scientist proved their findings and in 2001 Ray Davis and John Bahcall were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for their efforts in detecting solar neutrinos. There is something about being right your whole life and no one believing you that scares me.

For me, when more than 1,000 of the top well-known scientists and meteorologists declare global warming as nothing more than a “false cult,” a hoax, I tend to pay attention. It was outlined in the 2008, 2009 and 2010 reports presented to the United Nations Climate Change Conferences. Perhaps it is the fact that unlike the taxes, carbon farming and other snake oil they are offering, these scientists are not trying to sell me something and take my money on a lie. They are just offering the truth as the facts present it.

Craig P. Williams Sr.

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