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Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016 12:18 am

Letters to the Editor 12/8/16

Donald Trump, president-elect.


I would like to offer another point of view regarding James Krohe Jr.’s “Country blues” (Dec. 1). I am from Springfield, but I have lived in and visited both rural and metropolitan areas in and out of Illinois.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand,” said Abraham Lincoln, quoting the Bible. Mr. Lincoln was speaking of the truth that as a country, we need to be united in love and patriotism, one nation, under God. The “rural white underclass” Mr. Krohe described as being under-motivated, on drugs and alcohol, obese, sick, narrow-minded, isolated and uneducated sound as if they could hardly get out and vote, let alone have a strong opinion or even remember to register and show up at the correct polling place on Election Day. The “rural white underclass” Mr. Krohe speaks of is his fellow Americans. Every American has a role. The countryside is where America goes to die? That is to say there is nothing or no one of value in rural American counties? In my experience, you can find the same type of people in downtown Los Angeles that you can find in downtown Petersburg.

We all share one thing, at least. We are all people, having a human experience on earth. We are united by this, and should strive to see a bigger picture beyond one presidential election. The future is unknown, but one thing we can surely all agree on is that we live in a broken world that needs love, unity and peace.

Desiree Nanette Embalabala

In regards to your article on the perishing climate (“Perishing planet,” by Alastair Bland, Nov. 24), there are many local groups here in Springfield that have been doing their part to curb carbon and protect our vital resources.

Sustainable Springfield is currently working with both the city and state to plant street trees that will upgrade our appearance as well as eat carbon and release oxygen. Just a reminder: oxygen from trees allows us to breathe and educate the community on renewable and innovative environmental practices.

The Springfield Bicycle Club, in cooperation with the city and county, is working to make it safer for those who bike for transportation and recreation. Ironically, biking is perfect this time of year, given the increase in our global temperature.

Citizens for Sensible Water Use has diligently pushed for more responsible water use practices. Given the rising temperature, evaporation of Lake Springfield is an issue. Water harvesting utilizing water towers and underground cisterns might bypass that problem. Solar and wind energy also eliminates using millions of gallons a day to process coal with our older units at CWLP.

The Illinois Stewardship Alliance, Grow Springfield and the urban farming initiative brings us healthier choices in organic locally grown foods.

The Friends of Sangamon Valley have protected wooded areas.

The Sangamon Valley Sierra Club continues to advocate for a carbon free energy system here in Springfield.

The Illinois Native Plant Society educates and preserves our native species.

The Illinois Audubon Society protects habitat for bird life.

If I have left anyone out, I apologize. There is so much facing us at this time it is hard to grasp the weight that is upon us.

Anne Logue

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