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Thursday, July 12, 2018 12:15 am

Letters to the Editor 7/12/18

Lirio Funes holds onto her daughter Melissa Funes, 2, just after being detained by local officials after crossing the U.S. - Mexico border.
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In the July 5 edition of Illinois Times, Stephen Soltys points out that “marginalization” of certain groups by a government may result in policies such as those that led to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany (GUESTWORK: “A psychiatrist on separating children”).

I question the use of “marginalization” when referring to the illegal immigrant children being held in detention centers in the U.S. because they are here illegally, not because they belong to an ethnic group of which millions are living here as legal citizens. Many of these children probably are receiving a better diet and better security than they were in their home country.

The author of the article only mentions the approximately 2,000 children that were separated from their parents in this country. There are also about 10,000 more that entered the U.S. without their parents, so they were already separated. In addition, it has long been the policy in this country to separate children from U.S. citizens who have been incarcerated for committing crimes.

Erection of a border wall is necessary to prevent future illegal immigration and continuing crisis concerning disposition of apprehended illegal children and adults. Walls do work. Evidence is the recent wall between East and West Germany and the Israeli wall. Sure, a few illegal immigrants will slip in, but the major glut is prevented.    

It seems that a major focus of the Soltys article was to impugn President Trump and his administration for the separation of illegal immigrant children from their parents, although the author does eventually admit that the practice of separation was recently ended by executive order from President Trump.

Dick Montrey


Professor Golden’s June 28 take on the immigration issue (GUESTWORK: “Where have all the flowers gone? When will we ever learn?”) reminded me of the time Abraham Lincoln defended a woman accused of murdering her husband. The case was not going well. He and the defendant were hot and thirsty so he asked for a brief break to speak to his client in private. Once out of court and alone in a back room of the county courthouse, Lincoln opened the window and, walking into the hallway, advised the woman that he had heard the spring water in Tennessee was really good.

And now the reason for that Lincoln story: The advice that those families or kids will get from immigration lawyers is that they don’t want to attend that hearing because 80 to 90 percent of the petitioners cannot prove that they were threatened in the country of their birth. Eight or nine out of every 10 will be sent home. So disappear; get a new identity. Try not to get caught.

Trump and his cohorts are not good people. Breaking up families in order to slow illegal immigration is cruel. But that aside doesn’t get us a workable immigration law. Further, it’s not 1910. There is no homestead-able land out west, and jobs are being outsourced and automated so that every worker is deeply worried about any increase in competition. The democrats are not suggesting reasonable immigration laws for the simple reason that if they helped pass such laws it is very likely they would be enforced.

This is why you hear NPR staff saying something like, “Everyone has a right to come to our border and ask for asylum.” That’s true. What they are leaving out of the discussion is that we already have 13 million illegal immigrants here with no path to citizenship, doing jobs others could be doing and using services that others may need. Whenever you see an argument based solely on fairness and violin music, do some research into the history and facts behind the issue.

Matthew Vernau

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