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Thursday, July 21, 2005 11:55 pm

common sense


Isn’t it obvious by now that President George W. Bush is totally lost in Iraq, without a clue of how to get out?

Instead of a coherent Iraq policy, Bush relies on political one-liners. His most infamous was “mission accomplished,” but, for me, the most disgusting was his response two years ago when he was asked about the Iraqi insurgents who were beginning to attack our occupation forces. “Bring ’em on,” Bush said. That’s the kind of macho-posturing, false bravado you might expect from someone safely inside a frat house or barroom, but it’s completely irresponsible for a commander in chief to incite enemies to attack our soldiers.

When Bush issued his taunt, about 200 of our soldiers had been killed. Two years later, more than 1,750 are dead . . . and many more are going to die, because Bush is lost. He has no strategy except to plead with the public to stay the course in Iraq.

Why should we? Bush recently insisted that the sacrifice of our sons, daughters, spouses, and other loved ones “is worth it.” But it’s obviously not worth the sacrifice of any of his daughters, nieces, nephews, or other relatives — not a single one is there. This is the rich man’s war, but the rich and privileged have made it clear that it’s not their fight. Indeed, while the middle-class and the poor are stuck fighting and dying there, the corporate elites are here at home, battling door to door in Washington to grab still more tax cuts and subsidies for themselves.

Not surprisingly, military recruiters have had a hard time reaching their quotas. If they’re looking for someone willing to die in Bush’s war, perhaps they should try knocking on the door at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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