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Thursday, Oct. 27, 2005 06:42 am

Impeach Bush

Guess how many Americans says W should be removed from office now

With that twisted macho smirk of his, George W. Bush keeps telling us that he’s a “war president.” So how’s the chief doing? Let’s do Bush by the numbers: • Number of American troops killed so far in his war of lies in Iraq: 1,987, and rising daily. • Number of wounded: 14,755, and rising. • Number of weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq: 0. • Total tax dollars thrown into his Iraq war so far, counting the latest $50 billion payment: $260 billion. • Number of Bush daughters, nephews, and nieces who are of prime enlistment age: 10. • Number of Bush family members who’ve enlisted in his war: 0. • Percentage of Americans who think that the Bushites “deliberately misled the public” to go to war in Iraq: 52 percent. • Percentage who now approve of his handling of the war: 32 percent and falling daily. None of these is a good number for the “war president,” but there’s an even more startling statistic that the establishment media has deliberately failed to report to you — the percentage of Americans who now want Congress to consider impeaching Bush if he lied about his reasons for invading Iraq: 50 percent! This new data from Ipsos Public Affairs, the highly regarded nonpartisan polling company, shows a stunning surge in grassroots support for removing George W. from the White House. It’s even more remarkable when you consider that the media barons have provided zero coverage of the burgeoning sentiment for impeachment. Likewise, not a single congressional Democrat has stepped forward to support what is fast becoming a majority opinion of the people. The political and media establishment can hide the numbers, but they can’t long hide from the sentiment. To learn more, go to
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