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Thursday, March 23, 2006 04:27 am

Letters to the editor

In and around Springfield

We welcome letters, but please include your full name, address, and daytime telephone number. We edit all letters for libel, length, and clarity. Send letters to Letters, Illinois Times, P.O. Box 5256, Springfield, IL 62705; fax 217-753-3958; e-mail editor@illinoistimes.com.

PROVOKING A CALL FOR “REFORM” I knew a woman, like Patricia Clink in your story “American Girl” [Dusty Rhodes, March 9], who was denied Social Security disability benefits. Clink had cancer; this woman had full-blown AIDS, and she died while her SSI application was “on appeal.” I don’t believe the withholding of Social Security benefits from deserving citizens is to save money. (Congress and the president have shown they’re quite willing to spend money for what they want, recently raising the national debt for the fourth time in four years to almost $9 trillion!) I think the mismanagement is to provoke a public cry for reform/privatization of the Social Security system. Lawrence C. Johnson Springfield

A RIDICULOUS REASON TO BASH BUSH I read Jim Hightower’s column to receive my weekly chuckle, and he manages to provide one almost every week. The “Greenland is melting” [March 16] column is one of the best chuckles to date! Hightower managed to use “global warming” to bash President George W. Bush and insist that “someone tell Bush to get his butt in gear.” Is Hightower suggesting our president has the power, knowledge, and the ability to stop global warming? Perhaps he isn’t aware that global warming isn’t a new occurrence? It is well documented that most of Illinois was covered with different glaciers at three different times in the earth’s history. So, logically thinking, some kind of global warming occurred to melt those glaciers away, right? Because these glaciers and warming periods occurred several thousand years ago, a president wasn’t involved . . . right? Now, I’m not a climatologist, scientist, geologist, or newspaper columnist. Knowing that a global warming occurred [at least] three times before, I logically conclude it will happen again. Perhaps now, Hightower will consider global warming a normal, natural occurrence? Of course, if it’s a natural occurrence, I guess there wouldn’t be need to bash a president? That Hightower thinks a president, or anyone, has to power to stop global warming is just too funny. Thanks for the chuckle! Jeff Davis Dawson

DISASTER BROUGHT OUT HEROES During the storm, Springfield radio stations WMAY, WNNS, and others provided the voices in the dark that calmed a lot of us and gave us hope. Jim Leach and his crew were there through the whole emergency situation. He was a ray of sunshine through all the terror that was going on. Also, I must say that the power companies — not only in the state, but those outside the state that came to the aid of Springfield and other communities — should be hailed as heroes. Our emergency-services people also did a great job, handling the crisis. They, too, are heroes. John Rector Springfield

CORRECTION We misspelled the name of Illinois Times graphic designer Matthew Schultz, who took pictures of tornado damage [“Twist and shout,” March 16].
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