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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 01:00 am

Familiarity breeds contempt

You, Me and Dupree relies on a premise that’s been done to death

You, Me and Dupree Running time 1:48 Rated PG-13 Parkway Pointe, ShowPlace East
The plot for Anthony and Joe Russo’s You, Me and Dupree is as old as the hills, or at least as old as the movies themselves. A comedic take on an intruder who turns a tranquil household into a domestic hell, the film offers few surprises — it’s a premise that has been done to death. The attractive and talented cast members do their best to breath life into this threadbare story; the tattered script lets them down. Carl and Molly Peterson (Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson) seem to have everything. These newlyweds are in love, share a nice home, and have steady work — she as a teacher, he as an up-and-coming real-estate developer. Unfortunately, Carl works for his father-in-law, Mr. Thompson (Michael Douglas), who goes out of his way to castigate his son-in-law at every turn. The second cross that Carl must bear is his best buddy, Dupree (Owen Wilson). After the likable doofus loses his job and his home, Carl invites Dupree to crash on his couch for a few days. What Carl fails to realize is that it’s no longer his couch and that the term “a few days” is open to interpretation. As expected, personalities and lifestyles clash. To say that Dupree has no boundaries is an understatement. That Carl would put up with Dupree’s antics stretches the character’s credibility to the breaking point, but logic is as rare as rain in the Sahara in movies of this sort, so his level of patience must be accepted for the film to function. What makes the movie bearable, if not completely successful, is the consistent work by the cast. Hudson delivers her usual bubbly turn, and Wilson does a fine job in the Owen Wilson role. It’s good to see Douglas here lampooning his corporate-shark image. It’s obvious that the actor is aching to bust loose in a comedic role. In the end, You, Me and Dupree proves a pedestrian piece of work, the sort of movie that you’ll feel cheated by if you drop $8 on opening weekend. As instantly forgettable as the popcorn you’ll consume while watching it, at the very least Dupree isn’t as irritating as its main character. Its biggest sin is that it’s simply all too familiar. In theaters this week. . .
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