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Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2006 10:34 am

In theaters this week

In and around Springfield

The Saw IIIRated R
Saw III [R] The brutal puppet master, Jigsaw, and his latest assistant play twisted games with their new victim, a doctor. ShowPlace West, ShowPlace East

The Grudge 2 [PG-13] The supernatural curse that troubled elder Davis sister, Aubrey, is still alive in a burned home in Tokyo, and younger sister Karen travels across the world to face the mysterious evil force. ShowPlace West,
ShowPlace East

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning [R] The prequel traces Leatherface’s beginnings and the history of his twisted family, the Hewitts. ShowPlace West

Catch a Fire [PG-13] During the apartheid era, Patrick, an apolitical South African and his wife are jailed, an injustice that spurs Patrick to fight for the African National Congress. Parkway Pointe

Marie Antoinette [PG-13] In Sofia Coppola’s dream world, Marie Antoinette would have said, “Let them eat cake and listen to the Clash.” Parkway Pointe

One Night With The King [PG] An epic story of the young girl who became a queen. ShowPlace West

The Prestige [PG-13] A grudge match between two equally talented magicians turns tricky and dangerous. Parkway Pointe, ShowPlace East

Flags of Our Fathers [R] A wartime film about the six men who raised the flag on Mount Suribachi during World War II. ShowPlace West

The Departed [R] One cop is really working for the mob; a mobster is really an undercover cop. Both officers are in danger. Stars Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Directed by Martin Scorsese. ShowPlace West, ShowPlace East, Parkway Pointe

Barnyard: The Original Party Animals [PG] The farmer flies the coop, and the animals try to keep order. White Oaks

Employee of the Month [PG-13] It’s always a dirty battle between Zach and Vince for the coveted plaque in the break room, but when the store’s cute cashier offers up some attention to the next winner, the stakes get higher. Parkway Pointe

Flicka [PG] Adapted from the much-loved novel My Friend Flicka, a teenage girl befriends an untamed horse, Flicka. Parkway Pointe, ShowPlace East

The Guardian [PG-13] After years as a rescue swimmer, Ben Randall has seen his share of loss. When new Coast Guard recruit Jake Fischer catches Randall’s attention, the troubled young man finds a mentor. ShowPlace West

Half Nelson A young girl discovers her teacher is addicted to drugs, and a friendship develops between the two loners. Parkway Pointe

Man of the Year [PG-13] Talk show host Tom Dobbs enters the presidential race as a gag only to find out he stands a chance. ShowPlace West, ShowPlace East

The Marine [PG-13] A tough Marine comes home from Iraq to find his wife has been abducted by a gang of ruffians. Parkway Pointe, ShowPlace East

Open Season [PG] Boog, a lost grizzly bear, befriends Elliot, a talkative deer, in hopes that they can exit the woods before hunting season begins. Parkway Pointe, ShowPlace East

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby [PG-13] Ricky Bobby is a shooting star in the racing world until he wrecks and is demoted to pizza boy. White Oaks

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