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Thursday, Oct. 16, 2003 02:20 pm

Your Turn . . . 10-16-03


We changed a word and made an error in Peter J. Wagner's Sept. 11 letter to the editor. Wagner wrote us to say CWLP's proposed rate increase "may not be in the best interests of Springfield citizen-ratepayers."

The telephone number for the Bluestem Bake Shop in Elkhart, the subject of a review in the Oct. 9 edition, is (217) 947-2222.

Illinois Times regrets these errors.


One for the scrapbook

We want to thank you for the article about the 233rd [Rich Miller, "Wrong moves, right moves," Sept. 18]. Our men have been gone since February and we know that they are working hard. At our last meeting, we handed out a lot of the Illinois Times. Our whole support group has a copy and I am sure it will be in a lot of scrapbooks. It is nice to have our soldiers recognized for their hard work overseas. The article is appreciated by the whole 233rd support group. Thank you once again.

Tammy Hughes (SSG Lawrence Wilson)
Deanna Victor (SGT Marc Victor)
Sarah Mauney (SGT Joel Mauney)

Monica Hildebrandt (SGT Paul Hildebrandt)


Waste of ink

I have just completed reading "Censored!" [Kari Lydersen, Oct. 9]. What a load of crap. Illinois Times must be hard up for something to print. I find it hard to believe that you would waste the paper and ink to give even the slightest bit of credibility to the hooey that Ms. Lydersen and Project Censored are spewing out.

It seems that Ms. Lydersen and her ilk are living in world in which reality has not made an appearance. The whole gist of her drivel is that the mainstream media is purposely ignoring (or more to her way of thinking "covering up") the acts of a government that would be considered criminal in the rest of the free world.

The reality of the situation, as I see it, is that if any of these things had actually been true; the "credible" media would be all over it. The fact is the majority of the large media and the media in general is responsible. That is, they tend to confirm the validity of stories and sources before publishing anything or making accusations.

Of course, the obscure publications cited as sources do not have to be responsible in their reporting. They simply have to cater to the minuscule portion of America and other parts of the world that are against anything that we as a nation stand for. A story does not have to be true, it just has to be detrimental to the president or America and these people swallow it hook, line and sinker.

Please don't think me naive. I know that America has gotten its hands dirty many times. But I believe that it was done for no other reason than improving freedom and basic human rights throughout the world.

Finally, I am not advocating censorship of the hogwash that I have just read. I firmly believe that this is still a free country with free speech. I am just glad that I am free to express my opinion and free to not read this unfounded poppycock further or believe any of what I have already read.

I hope the Illinois Times will do a little better in selecting the content of future issues.

Jeff Moore


Intelligence test

The Bush administration was never that intelligent so you think that they would treat their intelligence better. Wrong. From relying on faulty British intelligence to revealing the identity of a CIA agent to punish someone for revealing the faulty British intelligence, the Bush administration has done little to protect the intelligence community or to protect America. To George W. Bush and Karl Rove, it seems winning re-election is more important than keeping America safe and secure. I hope this is a wake up call for Bush to get more intelligent on his intelligence.

Bryan Thompson


Moving on

Congratulations to Richard Norton Smith on his appointment as director of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. I look forward to the excitement that is sure to accompany his arrival in Springfield. Under his leadership, the library and museum promises to become one of the most important institutions of its kind in the world.

To help ensure the library's success, the University of Illinois at Springfield is in the process of renaming our Abraham Lincoln Presidential Center for Governmental Studies. We want to avoid confusion between the library/museum and our public policy center in regard to marketing and fund-raising efforts.

However, I am troubled by the misinformation that continues to swirl in some circles about UIS. We have been accused of providing a place for patronage positions. Nothing could be further from the truth. We always follow strict university procedures to hire our staff and faculty. We have no control over what others say or do, but to suggest that we might give preferential treatment to applicants as political rewards is just wrong, and to accuse us of doing so is not fair.

That having been said, I agree with Mr. Smith that it's time to move on. We look forward to a fresh start as we welcome him to Springfield.

Richard D. Ringeisen
University of Illinois at Springfield

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