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Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2009 09:01 pm

Keep the weight off

Summon your Inner Rebel


Are you tired of even reading about weight loss and fitness, let alone trying to achieve it? So am I. But here I am writing about it! Even the word ‘exercise’ annoys me now. Yet, somehow I managed to keep all my excess weight off for at least 17 years. How, you ask, have I done that?

It didn’t happen overnight, as I had hoped it would. No, I didn’t “get it” until years later. But every step of the way was progress, even though I didn’t see it at the time. People who lose weight and gain back twice as much know exactly what I’m talking about.

For me, my inner rebel kicked in when I just couldn’t lose weight. I decided I was going to beat this thing called not being in shape, and face it head on. I became angry about my continued failure and decided to try everything, from fad diets to supplements. I tried to be perfect at it and failed. I tried dieting without exercising and failed even more. Nothing changed. Then I finally realized: I had to change.

Now that I had summoned my inner rebel, it was time to tame it.

So, I had to give up my old ways. In order to do that, I needed to loosen my grip on control. I needed to realize that “eating right and exercising” had solid footing in reason and that no magic pill truly exists. It was time to stop digging in my heels and follow sound advice.

Once I let go, I never looked back again.

If you have been resisting taking action when it comes to losing weight, then perhaps, like me, you will find success in identifying what’s getting in your way and taking control of the mood-food dynamic once and for all.

Here are 10 thought-provoking questions to get you started:

• If you lost all the weight, how would your life change?

• How would you feel?

• What part of that success terrifies you and why?

• Is something or someone creating anger in your life?

• Do you harbor resentment about someone?

• Is that resentment holding you back in any way?

• Whom can you trust and count on, no matter what?

• Would that person be supportive and not sabotage your weight loss efforts?

• If you could bring back someone who has passed away, who would that be and why?

• What emotions are you feeling right now as you answer these questions?

Identifying and addressing emotions that arise as a result of answering these questions is an important step in advancing towards wellness. Once you understand where your inner rebel is taking you, you can move forward to overcome these roadblocks. Consulting with your doctor and working through these feelings with a therapist, while gaining the support of close friends, will undoubtedly bring you more success in 2009.

Linda Castor, RN, LCPC, is a nurse and therapist at Clocktower Therapy Center. While specializing in several areas of psychotherapy, she addresses eating disorders and weight management. Castor can be reached at www.LindaCastor.com.

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