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Thursday, June 25, 2009 05:32 am

Children picture race unity

Winners of the annual art and poetry contest


“Children and young people are perhaps the key to realizing true racial unity,” wrote Mike Lang, one of the organizers of the 12th Annual Race Unity Rally held June 7 at the Statehouse. “Young people tend to ignore superficial differences, and make friends with people from all strata of society — a key component to building unity and interracial understanding.”

To highlight the openness and idealism of children, the Baha’i community sponsors a Children’s Race Unity Art and Poetry Contest in conjunction with the unity rally. Some of the winning entries are published here. 

People of the gate
By Curtis Penfold
Auburn High School, grade 12

From womb to tomb, we pass through gates the same, and yet here we spend our entire lives as if we’ve gone through different gates

We cry, we laugh, we grow, we learn, we love — all of us going from gate to gate

But he’s black and he’s yellow and he’s gay and he’s an atheist and we forget the gates we’ll leave through.

If we all remembered that we’re all human
our journey would be that much easier
our lives would mean that much more

In my community
By Adrian Haley
Matheny-Withrow School, Grade 4

In my community we need to change a couple of things.
We need to change the way we disagree with each other.
We should help the poor, until poor doesn’t exist any more.
We need to change the littering and the destruction
Caused by not caring and poor instruction.

We need to always go to school and do something with our life.
After all, when we don’t give back it causes strife.
This is not just for one, but for one and all.
In my community no one should be small.

If you want race unity
By Kathy Harold-Murray
Matheny-Withrow School, Grade 4

If you want race unity
in your community, what does it look like?

Could it be joining hands, having fun
under one big sun?

How about showing respect, being responsible?
It’s possible.

Involving all, deciding together,
depending on one another.

Providing support, is the best,
you cannot give it a rest.

Respecting, involving, supporting
under one big sun
until the day is done.

Race unity in your community,
What does it look like?

A helping hand
By Mercedes Walker
Matheny-Withrow School, Grade 4

We all need a little help
every now and then.
Everyone has issues,
children women and men.

Join hands with each other.
Together we are strong.
It does not mater what skin you’re in.
Helping each other we can’t go wrong.

Oh community
By Aisat Oladokun
Matheny-Withrow School, Grade 4

Oh community, let us sit together,
under the stars and dream.
Oh community, let us join hands and be one.
Oh community, where we have unity,
everyone is on a team.

Oh community, we can have fun,
without a fuss.
Oh community, no matter where we live
let us all sit together.
There is room for everybody on this bus.

One race
By Keith Edwards
Matheny-Withrow School, Grade 4

In this world everyone has a place.
Respect others, respect property, respect yourself like your brother.
No matter what your size, speed, or strength,
we all help one another.

In history, the slaves depended on the sixteenth president.
His name was Abraham Lincoln.
He made the Emancipation Proclamation.
In the beginning and in the end,
There’s only one creation under this nation.

Did you know peanut butter was invented by a black man?
Did you know a game boy was invented by a Japanese person?
Different races made different things,
but all races have ideas, talent and prosperity,
that inventions of mankind brings.

If you come with me on this historical excursion, this journey for race unity has no diversion.
People walk around being judged not by the color of the skin.
Only the goodness and dignity of
character that dwells within.

Now don’t be discouraged by obstacles along the way.
Like we always say, if it’s worth having,
It’s worth fighting for.
So, stay on track of the race unity train.
Remember, there’s always room for one more.

In this world everyone has a place.
We all have a past, and future.
People of all races have skill, talent, and determination.
If we use these talents in a way that inspires,
All can rise to a positive sensation.

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