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Thursday, Sept. 3, 2009 01:44 pm

Letters to the Editor 9/3/09

High speed rail, CWLP racism and medicare

A composite photo shows how a 24-foot rail overpass could impact Frank Lloyd Wright’s Dana-Thomas house if Third Street tracks are used for a high-speed rail corridor.
It would be interesting to know how many other state capitals have so far been subjected to the indignity of dismemberment in the way that the proposed 40-train corridor will affect Springfield.

Apparently the Illinois (Chicago) Department of Transportation is willing to allow the quality of life in Springfield to take an expeditious drop in order that baseball fans may more quickly travel between Chicago and St. Louis.

Chuck Moles

In the article about the mess at CWLP [see “CWLP’s culture of hostility,” by R.L. Nave, Aug. 13], a private school was mentioned. I believe I may have gone to that school also. You may be assured that anyone who went to that school did not get those attitudes from there. Some people, no matter what school they went to, believe they are entitled.

Regarding the article in IT about the female who was told to either transfer or quit [see “Boys gone wild,” Aug. 20], she should get a good lawyer and sue.

If CWLP had a real manager instead of a political person, maybe this would not have happened. As for sensitivity training, it’s a good idea, but a person once wrote, “No one knows what lurks in the heart of men.”

John Burns

History is a great teacher, but only if we pay attention to it.

Medicare is a government program that has been in place for about 40 years. Back then, how was it sold by politicians? I feel reasonably certain that what it is today is a far cry from what was sold to the American people 40 years ago.

Now we have a government proposing Medicare for everyone, that is, everyone except those trying to ram it through Congress as if there is not tomorrow. We are told that if we want to keep private insurance we can do so. Really!

If your employer is currently paying for your insurance as a part of your compensation package, it seems certain that they will want to eliminate that expense and force you to take the public option. Keep in mind this is exactly what they did with retirees when Medicare became a reality.

If you are currently paying for your private insurance, isn’t it likely that you will take the public option? After all, you will be paying for the public option even if you keep your private insurance. Few will want to pay twice.

Government in control of health care will be influenced by politics, and nothing but politics. History teaches us that politicians will do insane things to get votes.

Please, let us find a better way. The better way is insurance vouchers for all Americans because this will keep government bureaucrats out of the health care business.

Bob Ruble

I was a farm boy of 8 or 10 who had an appendicitis attack. In those days, if you couldn’t pay you didn’t go to the doctor. I walled that appendix in and survived. Once being very feverish I asked my mother if I was going to die. She said she didn’t know. I went through three years of service during World War II. I would not go on sick call in the service because those who did were called malingerers.

We have spent a lot of money correcting the financial problems. Has there been any great outcry as to how this will be paid for?

We had a scheme for crushing clunker cars. Has there been an outcry as to how this will be paid for?

Now we have the first humanitarian action of the administration, which is to bring health care to all of our citizens. And we have a great outcry about how can we pay for such a plan! It will be paid for — and I approve of this — in the same way those prior schemes have been paid for: by you and me and our descendants.

Fred J. Dietz, Sr.
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