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Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009 07:14 pm

Letters to the Editor 8/27/09

Boy scouts, racism, puzzles and medical marijuana

And just what is it that United Way is supporting these days? [See “Boy Scouts leave United Way,” by Amanda Robert, Aug. 20.] They never did contribute to the Girl Scouts of America organization. I have a co-worker who pulled his funds because of the decision by United Way to pull its Boy Scout funding.

Julie Becker

Reading the laughable rationalizations for their behavior given by Kevin Conway and Gregory Selinger, the respective maker and displayer of the noose in “Where do we go from here?” [by R.L. Nave, Aug. 20], reminded me of a classic old Steve Martin bit. To paraphrase, in it Martin said, “If you are ever caught doing something wrong or against the law, just remember these two little words... ‘I forgot,’ as in, ‘I forgot it was against the law to rob a bank, officer.’“

“I forgot that tying a noose and leaving it hanging around the black guy’s work area was wrong! Sorry, didn’t mean anything by that.”

“You mean a symbolic reminder of lynching and racism might cause certain persons extreme discomfort? I guess I knew that but I forgot!”

Look, I have a lot of family and friends living in and around Springfield. Do I need to be worried about their safety with these two geniuses at the controls of a power plant?

Mike Wasilewski

Note: The noose incident occurred at the water filtration plant.

The “good ole boys” network is alive and well. Springfield government should be ashamed of themselves, as should the citizens that repeatedly vote in the status quo.

Annette E. Young

Thank you for adding the crossword puzzle to Illinois Times. It’s just another reason to pick up a copy every Thursday.

Sandy Pecori

Supporters of the legalization of medical cannabis are supporting creation of small businesses known as Medical Cannabis Organizations (MCO) that will be able to keep this medicine safe, process the active ingredient, educate those who need it, and offer a variety of other services. These businesses may become as regulated as pharmacies.

Unfortunately, I’m sure there are some pharmacists who give out prescription pills to people without prescriptions. I don’t know what the repercussions are for this but I would assume that there is a zero tolerance for that just as there is zero tolerance for places that sell pot for any reason to those without a certificate.

“Joe the pothead” can’t just open an MCO if he feels like it that day. He has to fill out a ton of paperwork, be subjected to a background check, buy growing equipment and security supplies and shell out $5,000 just to start.

Simon Franzmann

I’ve got to revisit the issue about Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley because I just don’t believe the “beer picnic” has settled anything.

The professor acted as though the police officers should “know who I am,” ignoring the fact that the 911 dispatcher reported a suspected burglary “in progress,” that the professor could have been the burglar who lifted the ID during the burglary, and realizing the police need to verify everything he’s saying because as far as they know he could be the perpetrator until they get all the facts.

Until then the professor had no right to resist the officer. When they asked him to step out of the house until the matter was cleared up they were simply following correct procedure. What if he turned out to be the burglar and had an accomplice hiding inside?

The bottom line, you obey the officer until the facts can be verified without question. Respect the situation of the police during their investigation, for all he knows you really may be the “perp,” you may be armed, and if the officer drops his guard that one time when he shouldn’t have it’s too late. The officer is dead. That’s what the president, the professor and all of the talking heads should have thought of instead of the personal friendship and the rush to judgment.

James M. Henneberry
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