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Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009 08:51 am

Letters to the Editor 12/10/09

Bob Waldmire, the subject of one letter, the writer of another.


Regarding “Bob Waldmire’s farewell tour” [by Bill Crook, Nov. 26]: A wonderful article about an interesting man.

I had the pleasure of running into Bob at his final art show. Bob was his usual generous self and I thanked him for being him. His artwork is a must-have for a true fan of Route 66. He has touched many lives throughout our ever-shrinking world.

Josh Friedrich


For Pat “It won’t cost the taxpayers much” Quinn and the rest of the hogs sucking up the slop at the trough, the proof is in the pudding. If these fat cats really care about the taxpayers and the state’s deflated budget, let’s see if they have the courage to dramatically reduce their inflated salaries.

We shall see.

Robert Waldmire


As the executive director of Helping Hands of Springfield, I see the hardships our clients face every day. We operate an emergency shelter utilized by 33 clients each day. But this year, due to the state budget crisis, our funding was cut. Our ability to serve our clients has been reduced at the worst possible time, in a recession when services like ours are needed more than ever.    

Soon the state legislature will be back in Springfield. Solving the budget crisis must be the number one priority. We call on State Representative Poe to support House Bill 174 or a similar plan to raise new revenue to prevent cuts and fund vital services, and make taxes fairer for middle-class and low-income people, homeowners and seniors.

Dozens of state senators and representatives are already supporting the new revenue we need to fix the state’s budget through comprehensive tax reform like HB 174. We urge Rep. Poe to show leadership and join them.

Brenda K. Johnson, MSW
Helping Hands of Springfield


I am writing in regard to the editor’s note in your Dec. 3 issue. I quote partial: “Obama knows this; he’s just timid about proposing a radical strategy.”

Let me see. Obama has taken over car companies. He has taken over a number of major banks. He now proposes taking over 1/6 of our nation’s economy under the guise of health care reform. He has quadrupled the national debt. He surrounds himself with socialist advisers and mentors.

Then there is cap and trade. If he has his way, he will give away countless American jobs in Copenhagen next week in the interest of global warming.

Yet, the contention of your editor is that Obama is somehow hesitant about proposing a radical solution? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read in your paper.

Billy J. Sprague


I have just read your article about roundabouts [see “Going ‘round and ‘round” Dec. 3]. As an expat from the UK, I agree that these really do speed up traffic flow at junctions. A small island at many of the four-way stops would be ideal. In England, they often just paint the island on the road or install a small raised circular island. Most people drove over them but the discipline of giving way still worked. In Holland, I believe they have taken the idea of road markings to the extreme and removed all of them, and as a result, accidents have dropped at junctions and roundabouts.

Also, just think of the fuel that would be saved if the cars kept moving rather than never getting out of second gear between stop signs. The argument that these stop signs reduce speeding is merely a reflection on the standard of the average American driver, about which do not get me started!

David Chilton

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