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Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009 01:14 pm

Letters to the Editor 12/31/2009


Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms and his grass-fed herd from Food, Inc.

After seeing Food, Inc. I am recommending it to all of my friends. I am feeling extra appreciative of my voice and purchasing power to affect change in our area. I am appalled that our government has allowed such serious concerns to be raised with the system set up to regulate the safety of something so basic in our lives — our food! I think it is an obvious conflict of interest to have the people who regulate the production of food be the very same people who work for the companies they are supposed to be controlling. The laws discussed in this movie relating to regulating production by big companies and copyrights are inexcusable. Are the people allowing this to go on asleep at the wheel or are they just incredibly stupid?

Honestly, I am wondering the same thing about myself. How did I not educate myself on these issues before now? I care about the safety of the food our community consumes. I want wholesome and safe food for myself so that I can be healthy. I want the same for others so that I don’t have to pay for their health care. I know that sounds cold but it is what it is. If you haven’t already seen Food, Inc., I encourage you to do so. The movie was scary and inspiring at the same time, and I am delighted with how simple the solutions to these problems can really be.

Heather Dyer

I purchased Rod Blagojevich’s book, The Governor, many months ago in order to learn his side of the “political hijacking” that transpired under the Capitol dome. Blagojevich, a true advocate of health care reform, wins my respect and admiration and deserves the title of the “health care reform governor.” This governor was ready, willing and able to defy wrongheaded lawmakers and to endure a sacrificial political death sentence over the creation and expansion of universal health care in Illinois.

Abe Lincoln’s quote, “Right is might,” demonstrates a moral imperative. Both Rod Blagojevich and President Barack Obama have exercised a moral imperative to take up the noble cause of righting a wrong and serving the people through health care reform. Each knows that a self-serving empirical government that rewards itself while blatantly ignoring the will of the people is destined for the graveyard of empires. Obama will stop short of a political death sentence but will validate the cause and earn the title “Health Care Reform President.” As a follow-up to Rod Blagojevich’s Chicago book signings, I look forward to his visit to Springfield for his most important book signing event ever.

Tim L. Thornton

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob [see “Bob Waldmire’s farewell tour,” Nov. 26] some 30 years ago. “Happy trails, old friend, until we meet again. Happy trails to you; I guess this is the end.” Adios, mijo. Via con Dios.

P.J. Sheehan

Editor’s note: Springfield artist and Rt. 66 legend Bob Waldmire died on Dec. 16.

What will it take for the elected officials to do those necessary tasks they ran their campaigns upon? There should not be an ongoing controversy regarding rebuilding the east side (formerly the “Badlands”) of town divided by 11th St. (Reconciliation Way). This area has suffered under innate racism, “other side of the tracks” syndrome and outright disrespect. The city population is diverse enough to merit development on all sides, not just the west side. We as voters are being shafted again and we are allowing it. If the city council is incapable of doing the job, then it is time to replace them.

Michael Abrams

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