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Thursday, Jan. 14, 2010 03:59 pm

Nana’s spinach


My grandmother’s “creamed” spinach contains no cream; rather it uses the water the spinach was cooked in. It remains my most favorite food; and is the only thing I’ve ever eaten so much of that once, when I was a child, I got sick.  The recipe can be found online at IT’s website. 1 1/2 lb. fresh spinach

  • 3 slices good quality bacon, diced
  • 2 –3 slices homemade-type white bread
  • 4 - 6 small green onions, both green and white parts, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 c. unbleached all-purpose flour
Kosher or sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and freshly ground nutmeg to taste
Remove any large and/or tough stems from the spinach. (If you’re using “baby” spinach without large stems, decrease the weight to around a pound.)

Wash the spinach well to remove any grit and dirt, but do NOT drain. Cook the spinach in a large pot JUST until wilted. Do not overcook. Remove from the heat and transfer to a large bowl to cool. DO NOT DRAIN!. When the spinach has cooled, squeeze by handfuls, reserving the liquid. Measure the liquid and add enough water if necessary to measure 1 c.

Place the squeezed spinach on a chopping board. Top with the bread and onions. With a large knife, chop the spinach, bread and onions. Some prefer the mixture more finely chopped and some with more texture.

Meanwhile, sauté the bacon in a large pan until crisp. Remove from the pan and reserve, leaving the fat in the pan. Add the flour and cook for a couple of minutes. Whisk in the reserved spinach liquid, bring to a simmer, and cook for about 2 –3 minutes or until thickened. Add the chopped spinach/bread/scallion mixture and cook for a couple of minutes to heat through. Season to taste with the salt, pepper, and nutmeg.

Serves 4 - 8 
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