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Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010 06:07 am

Letters to the Editor 01/21/2010


The new laws against texting while driving went into effect Jan. 1.

Re: the texting ban [see “Texting ban more bark than bite” Jan. 7], they will need to ban eating, smoking, hygiene (makeup, shaving etc.) or any other distraction that can cause an accident when performed while driving. I am sure this will be enforced as much as the smoking ban from a few years ago, with many restaurants and bars still allowing it in most cities in Illinois.

Brian Dougherty

Our vote next November for Bobby Schilling in the 17th congressional district will be a gift that keeps on giving to insure liberty and freedom. Our vote will release us from a Congress that has become a capitol full of grand dukes and duchesses, and bring that institution back to becoming a body of citizen legislators as was originally intended in the Constitution.

In addition, we need term limits and it has to start with we the people. Mr. Schilling is running on a platform that includes limiting his term in Congress. He will introduce legislation to make term limits the law for all elected members who serve in Washington. While term limits may not be the complete answer for what ails our representative republic, they will go a long way to insure those we elect will actually represent us.

Mr. Schilling will not resort to lip service in the form of constituent letters, like one sent by our present congressman containing promises he will not vote for a health care bill that isn’t revenue neutral. How can these claims be made by our elected representative when the language in the bill he voted for is as clear as mud? This kind of treatment from elected representatives is simply unacceptable and we have to stop it.

Please vote for Bobby Schilling. The future of this nation and the well being of our future generations depend on it.

Jeffrey H. Rice
Rock Island

I was involved in a discussion involving wasted throwaway cafeteria food at all of our local schools. We all know that tons of food are tossed in the garbage every day and cannot understand the common sense in this program, especially with all the people and children that are going hungry.

We agree that some food should not be passed on due to quick spoilage problems. However, we also know that the large majority of throwaway food could be given to our local food lines, kitchens, senior service agencies and people who really need it.

Chuck Klyber

All the senators and representatives of Congress who are involved with bribes, blackmailing and other under the table criminal actions regarding the health care bill should be called out, and prosecution measures should be underway. The American people should all band together bring about indictments for these individuals taking part in these criminal actions. Any common citizen who commited these crimes would be taken into court and prosecuted. Why are we allowing these actions from our government officials?

Every American citizen should be outraged that these offenses are being allowed. This corruption must stop so our country can progress. The individuals involved in any way must be responsible for their actions and accept the consequences. I do hope and pray that all media and honest elected representatives will seek legal action against these corrupt individuals.

Suzanne Short
Blue Island, IL

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