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Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010 02:21 pm

Letters to the Editor 02/11/2010


Gubernatorial candidate Dan Hynes receiving the Illinois Pipe Trades Association endorsement.

Re: Caroline Newsmann’s letters [Letters to the editor, Dec. 23 and Jan. 14], Miss Newsmann and friends of Senior Services of Central Illinois, as polite as possible I have to ask — where have you been the last eight years? The same could be asked of Daniel Hynes, since he had no trouble until now with the state borrowing money it doesn’t have the revenue to repay. That’s how we got to this $12 billion deficit, borrowing what we can’t pay back.

The Comptroller (Dan Hynes) only decides what bills he can pay with what revenues the Treasurer (Alexi Giannoulias) has actually collected. Not allowing the governor to borrow is being fiscally responsible. The people in charge of the state budget deficit — despite a state law requiring the budget has to balance — are the governor, speaker of the House of Representatives and president of the State Senate. The other elected representatives are limited to doing what these political leaders tell them to do. These three are who you should be condemning.

Mel Davis

If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion (in this case Rush Limbaugh’s and Pat Robertson’s), then accuse him of being a bigot or a racist. Michael Abrams, in his recent letter [Jan. 28], said “Only in America can such bile be aired to the public with no threat of punishment. We have enough folks who believe this misinformation to consider them a threat to society.”

So let me get this straight – if Mr. Abrams or his appointed delegate doesn’t like what you are saying, you are a threat to society and must be punished. Fined? Put in jail? Tortured? Exiled? What kind of punishment are you talking about?

Never mind that Limbaugh and Robertson have given millions to charity. Mr. Abrams has the option of moving to one of those other counties where they do “punish” you for “free speech” if he lies. But, as of today, we still have the right to irrational rants. And I thank Mr. Abrams for this.

John Griffin

Feb. 2, I went to my polling place at Lanphier High School, as I have for the past eight or nine years, to vote my conscience as a taxpaying citizen. I was refused the right to vote because none of the volunteers working the polls could find my name on the register. They put me on the phone with some lady who said they don’t have any “updated information” on my name.

I called the Sangamon County Board of Elections. After explaining the discrepancy, I explained that I have voted at the same place for every election without fail, and now all of a sudden I am — due to their records — not eligible to vote because they have no up-to-date information on me going back to 2002. They stated that they sent voter’s information to the last address they had for me with no response. Although I did live at that address, I moved two blocks east, still in Madison Park Place subdivision. Five years ago, after moving to the 14th St. address, I went to have my driver’s license address changed. I was asked if I wanted my voter’s registration changed as well. I answered yes. After completing the process, before leaving, I asked that my voter’s registration would be taken care of, that this was it for that process? I was told, “yes.” I said thank you and departed.

Over the next five years, I enjoyed voting at every election until now. I don’t remember if I ever received anything, and after looking through all of my papers, I could only find a voters registration card for the older address.

Someone dropped the ball between the state of Illinois and the Board of Elections. They are blaming me, when I have done my part as a responsible citizen.

Rickye Lang

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