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Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010 01:03 am

Letters to the Editor 02/25/2010


REO Speedwagon performs Feb. 25 at Prairie Capital Convention Center.

What a great article from Scott Faingold on REO Speedwagon [“REO Speedwagon rolls home,” Feb. 18]. I have fond memories of REO concerts, having been to at least five or six. I remember seeing them back in 1975 at the Lincoln Park Nelson Center skating rink, along with groups like Uriah Heap, Sammy Hagar, ZZ Top and many others. For five dollars you could see three great bands. Glad to see that REO is still playing, since we really don’t have too much new decent rock music to listen to anymore. Opening acts Styx and 38 Special are also great bands.

Thank you Illinois Times for help in keeping classic rock alive. I bought my tickets a few weeks ago, and I am ready to rock at the Center.

Greg Nergenah

Our children don’t have a choice where they attend school. These decrepit buildings are what we as a community give them. [See “High price for high schools”%u2008by Amanda Robert, Feb. 11.] We can do better. Schools in surrounding towns are modernized. Sacred Heart-Griffin is a modern building — why should Springfield’s public high schools lag so far behind? This community has the resources to make change happen.

I have no dog in this fight. My daughter is about to graduate from high school; my son is in college. I have no affiliation with anyone on the school board or within the administration. I am simply tired of all the naysayers who act as if there are not problems here. The Illinois Times should be congratulated for shining attention on the matter. Please do not stop with this one article. I have pride in this community, but I’m ashamed if these ancient and poorly equipped buildings are the best we can do for our kids.  

Dave McKinney

I would like to thank Illinois Times for the great article on the 2010 Composting Symposium: Backyards, Business, and Beyond [“Composting digs deep into sustainability,” Feb. 11]. Ken Dunn’s keynote address brought an exciting and uplifting perspective to the role composting plays in restoring health to our nation’s soils and creating sustainable communities.

I would encourage everyone to get involved with composting, whether it is teaching students in the classroom, setting up a compost bin or pile at home in your backyard, or setting up a vermicompost bin in your basement. For those of you who are or have plans to start composting at home please read more about the materials that you compost. The University of Illinois Extension has great resources available for more information that can be accessed online: http://web.extension.illinois.edu/homecompost/methods.html. The contents of your hamster cage or last week’s chicken wings can be risky items to add to a compost pile. While these items ultimately can be composted they can attract rodents and disease.

If you are a homeowner or gardener who is getting into composting for the first time, it is suggested that you stick to leaves, vegetable scraps, fruit scraps and garden clippings and stay away from composting meat, dairy and the manure of household pets. Thanks again for covering an important issue affecting our community’s environmental sustainability.

Wes King
Policy Coordinator
Illinois Stewardship Alliance

I worked at Lincoln Library for 21 years and retired two years ago. I was stationed at the browsing center for six years, then moved to the branch libraries. My last 10 years were at the southeast branch.

The closing of the branch libraries and the many library layoffs are an unprecedented
loss to the community. As someone once said, “when a door closes, a window opens.” We can only hope that we will see the opportunity to reverse these backward steps.

There will be an “Irish Wake” for the branch libraries on Saturday, Feb. 27, at 7 p.m. at Remy’s on Monroe, on Monroe St. between Second and Third Streets. We will renew old friendships and share our library

Annette Hunsaker

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