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Thursday, March 4, 2010 06:02 pm

Letters to the Editor 03/04/2010


Volunteers at the Fight for Air Stair Climb, hosted by the American Lung Association Feb. 20, included, from left, Danielle Carter, fourth-year medical student, Joni Colle and Michael Mark.

The “Editor's note” [see Feb. 25 issue] suggests a Quinn / Dillard ticket for the November election of governor and lieutenant governor. Goodness gracious, could this actually result in some bipartisan policy (well, at least at the executive level, if not the legislative level)? Bipartisan policy – what a novel idea! But I'm not holding my breath!

Dick McLane

I disagree with Rich Miller’s analysis that the Pat Quinn victory was an amazing comeback [see “Pat Quinn’s amazing comeback,” Feb. 11]. Dan Hynes was a lightweight candidate who could not deliver a knockout punch to Governor Quinn — a  staggering, incumbent candidate.

Hynes tried to connect Quinn to Blagojevich. Any voter who has the slightest memory of news knows Blagojevich hated Quinn. Strike one against Hynes, borderline liar.

Hynes failed to use the whole list of real mistakes Quinn made in his short term as governor. Strike two against Hynes if he can’t see the obvious weakness of Quinn — how he failed to identify the problems of the State of Illinois. Quinn kept most of Blagojevich’s deputy governors, balked at Speaker Madigan’s proposed bill to sweepingly bring up for review all appointees and agency heads unless Quinn chose to keep them (then Quinn backed down on the two appointees who refused to resign), the creation of a new job for Carol Adams to live in Africa at the tune of $180,000 a year while demanding the unions to accept wage and worker reductions.

Hynes used the already tired lines of looking at the budget, line item by line item, and did not identify any line items he would target. Even on his Web site, there was no indication that he had even looked at the budget to show where he would have made cuts. He did not have any creative examples of what he did as comptroller to generate savings for that agency. Only now did he object to signing off on borrowing money, after he was quiet the last eight years. Strike three. He failed to show leadership, both now and in the past.

Mel Davis

Nice article. [See “REO Speedwagon rolls home,” Feb. 18.] The teetering between reverence and mockery sets up a nice tension that kept me reading until it was over.

I do feel a pressing need, of course, to point out one small error. The type of cannabis Mr. Irwin believed he possessed would be properly spelled Oaxacan, after the Mexican province of origin, Oaxaca. If Mr. Irwin and Mr. Dooley were indeed holding Oaxacan at the time, it is no real surprise that the REO boys would have bogarted that smoke. A bit more surprising is the thought that Zeus would have been in possession of a more killer stash than the Speedwagon.

Well... maybe not.

Keep up the good work.

“Weed Geek”
From IllinoisTimes.com

American Lung Association hosted the 2010 Fight for Air Climb at the Springfield Hilton on Saturday, Feb. 20. I would like to highlight some of the amazing accomplishments for this “first time” event (although a similar race up the Hilton was held 15 years ago).

We had 302 climbers (out of 326 who initially registered). The first-time event by the American Lung Association in Los Angeles had 280 climbers – making Springfield a very successful event in comparison. The event was won by one of the country’s most successful stairclimbers, Terry Purcell (only athlete to have won each of America’s five tallest stair climbs). But more impressive were the results of Susan Purcell (Terry’s wife) as first woman overall (13th placing overall out of 302), and also stairclimbing newcomers such as second placed John Osborn, who was only 16 seconds behind nationally ranked Terry Purcell. Purcell climbed the 30 floors (actually 32 floors since we began at the lower concourse level) of the Springfield Hilton in two minutes, 24 seconds.

Climbers ranged from age nine to 68, including firefighters and police in full gear and climbers from all over central Illinois. Senator Dick Durbin was also one of the climbers.

The event raised more than $48,000 for the American Lung Association. Race results can be found at www.theracershub.com, and www.fightforairclimb.org lists all of the American Lung Association climbs throughout the USA.

Terry Purcell

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