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Thursday, March 11, 2010 01:02 am

Letters to the Editor 03/11/2010


The Illinois State Museum’s “North to Alaska” exhibit is free and runs until March 28.

Thank you for the wonderful story by Ginny Lee about the Illinois State Museum’s “North to Alaska” [see “Alaska visits Springfield in photos and artifacts,” Feb. 25]. Lee’s story and the photographs highlight our hard work to present this exhibition for the people of Springfield, the nearby area, and visitors to our city. We are most appreciative of your coverage that has helped boost our attendance.

While budget cuts and personnel reductions affect all state agencies, the museum staff is proud of our ability to continue to create high quality exhibitions such as this one for the public. When one asks, “What’s there to do in Springfield?” one response is “Visit the Illinois State Museum and see ‘North to Alaska’” (at least until March 28 when the exhibition closes). But there are always other interesting exhibits and events at the ISM, and admission is free.

We hope visitors to “North to Alaska” take a close look at the Norton Sound kayak on display. Ginny Lee made special mention of it; constructed circa 1850, collected by the U.S. Fish Commission in 1884 in Togiak, Alaska, exhibited at the 1893 Chicago World Exposition, and donated to the museum in 1947, this kayak is among the most historically important ethnographic objects in the ISM collections.

Again, thank you for highlighting the latest exhibition at the Illinois State Museum.

Jonathan E. Reyman, Ph.D.
Curator of Anthropology
Illinois State Museum Research and Collections Center

Kudos to Sen. David Luechtefeld for standing up for the beekeepers of Illinois! [see “A sticky situation,” March 4] The state and federal government want to regulate every aspect of our lives, and more people are going organic everyday and trying to eat healthier. Fresh local honey has many benefits. A lot of people with seasonal allergies could benefit greatly by trying local honey in their diet instead of the drugs that are prescribed to them because the bees pick up a lot of the pollen in our environment and incorporate it into their honey. I know this as I suffer from seasonal allergies and I’ve pretty much eliminated my symptoms by eating local honey! I know this won’t work for everyone, but those of you who suffer should try it — you might be surprised. Then again, more regulation is more money for them and the people who want us all to be sick instead of eating healthy and being healthy, organically and/or naturally.

David Cook

This is written in response to Rep. Phil Hare’s letters questioning what Bobby Schilling would do differently if elected to Congress.

First, he would not vote for any legislation without first reading the bill and understanding it. If Hare read the stimulus package, perhaps he would have realized the $800 billion missed the target of job creation. He would have questioned the wisdom of borrowing billions for pork. Hare has a defense. He can honestly say, he didn’t read the bill.

Schilling would have questioned the wisdom of rushing through a bill intended to inject the federal government into health care. He would have questioned why the bill was “too important” to wait until the average person had a chance to read and understand it. Hare has the same excuse here that he did with the stimulus package.

Hare’s latest idea is to take billions of borrowed funds and use that to create public service jobs. The first three years would be borrowed money, no idea where the revenue comes from after that. Every dollar borrowed, every dollar of taxes, eventually comes from somebody’s pockets. It is this kind of thinking that has Illinois ranked 48th out of 50 states in economic performance. Hare sees importing terrorists to Thomson as a “jobs bill.” Schilling sees it differently. Bobby points out, “Didn’t we build Thomson to handle overcrowding of Illinois prisons? If we sell it to the government, won’t we still have overcrowding?” Schilling supports opening Thomson, as a prison. Schilling understands that terrorists who escape in Gitmo are no threat to anyone in Illinois.

My support for Schilling is simple. He has created jobs, he has run a business, he understands the bottom line, he is rational, and he definitely knows how to read.

William S. Bloom

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