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Thursday, Aug. 5, 2010 10:01 pm

Letters to the Editor 8/05/10


Lilly, the golden retriever who spent her puppyhood in Springfield, headed off to Ohio for advanced training as a service dog.

Thanks for the wonderful article on the wonderful work that Wade Kammin is accomplishing [see “Sit, stay, go,” July 29]. Being a puppy raiser is a task much like raising a child. You’re “on call” 24/7 for the entire time the puppy is with you. Wade is to be commended for taking this task to heart. Many of us volunteer within our community, but Canine Companions for Independence goes beyond what most of us could never achieve as an individual.

Those of us with animals know the bond that forms with these small creatures, watching them grow and then like a child “leave the nest.” How giving Wade is, knowing what great things these dogs will accomplish after leaving his care.

Cathy McGuire

Re: Guestwork, “Fighting myths about the undocumented,” July 29: I found it interesting that Diane Lopez Hughes was able to imply in one sentence – “How can police determine who is removable from the country and who is not. . .?” – that Arizona and by implication any other state willing to meet the immigration issue with local laws that support federal policy were police states where the arresting officers decided the fate of the arrested. The scenario most likely to occur under this law (note that several other states currently work under similar laws) would be that a traffic cop might discover a driver with a poor understanding of English also did not have his driver’s license on him. Maybe this would result in that person being detained until the closest desk sergeant or local state’s attorney could properly sort the matter out. Nobody would be put on a bus headed for the border without due process.

I further found it interesting that Ms. Lopez Hughes personally knows “undocumented aliens.” Precise language in these discussions is important. She actually knows uncaught felons. If she were to sneak into Canada take a job and use the national health care system under false pretenses she too might be jailed and deported.

Matthew C. Vernau

I write in regard to William T. Panichi’s letter [see “Not a Christian nation,” July 15] and I quote, “Let’s keep religion in the church, the home and the family where it belongs and out of government and schools where it doesn’t.”

No problem...if the government in turn stays out of my church and my home and the schools out of my pocket book!

Justin Seward
New Berlin

A million thumbs up to your awesome article on adoptee rights in Illinois [see “Birth records opened, but not enough,” July 15]. After the passing of HB 5428, many individuals seem to be under the misconception that Illinois has provided equality to adult adoptees.

Illinois adult adoptees are old enough to own homes, rent cars, fight and die for their country in the military, and pay taxes – but they are never considered old enough, under the law, to manage their own private affairs concerning their identities. Instead of allowing Illinois-born adult adoptees access to their factual birth document the same way all other citizens do, they are subjected to government-mandated insertion into their private business.

Illinois adult adoptees are subjected to the expensive Confidential Intermediary system where state-appointed strangers micromanage not only their identities, but their communication and sharing of information with other private citizens as well.

The unfounded fear that adoptees will use their original birth certificates to “bang down the doors” of their natural parents has persisted for too long. As an adoptee born in another state with a CI system, my natural mother and I can tell you it is 100 times better to treat adopted citizens equally to all other citizens and let them handle their own personal affairs than it is to have the government “banging down the doors” of natural parents for permission to release information that belongs to the adoptee to begin with.

My adoptive parents support my rights; they want their daughter to be treated just like everyone else.

Amanda J. Woolston
Tennessee adult adoptee living in Oxford, Pa., thinking fondly of my adoptive family members who live in Urbana.

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