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Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011 10:40 am

Letters to the Editor 01/27/11


Writer proposes that Springfield recognize the “real” capital of Illinois.

Springfield are you serious? Everyone knows the capital of Illinois is Chicago. Cornfields, hogs and the state fair aside, Springfield has nothing. Perhaps your fair city has considered the ramifications of the proposed city-state of Chicago? Proposed by me, of course.

Chicago and the suburbs lives in a completely different world from so-called “downstate” Illinois. As long as the regional government resides in your fair city, I recommend you do something productive. Plan a national park. Expand mass transit. Stop the Machine. Like it or not, Springfield currently bows to Chicago. Given your location and the nature of the grapevine, I believe your jurisdiction of Illinois has been compromised. How much longer can you hold out? The people of Illinois cannot live in a state divided by economics, politics and demographics. Give up the dream and acknowledge reality.

Willis Lambertson

On Petfinder I noticed that several cats and dogs at Sangamon County Animal Control are on “urgent” status, which means that very soon they will be put down. The adoption rate for a cat is over $100, which is insane. Why won’t the county find ways to lower the adoption fee? The cats get a rabies vaccine, which, to the best of my knowledge, is not the law for cats, only dogs. Why not lower the cost of the animals when they have been there for so long that they will be killed soon?

Jessica Blackburn

I’m an ordinary person who, like others, have to work hard to provide for my family. I’ve recently been a victim of a purse theft while in the comfort of my daily routine. I know these thieves could do a number of injustices to me.

The theft of my purse spawned a feeling of tenacity which I’ve never felt before. My temptress is injustice and my motivation is “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” I’ve lived in Springfield my entire life. These thieves know a lot about me. The least I should do is introduce myself.

The community was sympathetic as I called them individually. I want to thank the police officers and community for assisting me with my challenging situation. It’s not for me to apprehend thieves; nonetheless, their behavior has truly affected me intensely. On behalf of my family, neighbors, friends and co-workers, we have our eyes on you.

Shatriya Smith

Compulsive gambling, like any other addiction, results from a complex interplay of physiological and psychological components and can leave those in its wake personally and economically devastated. Like any other addiction, its reach often extends well into the lives of those closest to the addict. As a police officer, I’ve witnessed firsthand what gambling addiction can do to an individual and his or her closest relationships. Despite this,  prohibitions on gambling and other “public morals crimes” serve to exacerbate, rather than control, their consequences.

It’s true society bears a cost connected to legalized gambling (as well as other forms of so-called vice, legal or otherwise) but prohibition comes with a cost, too. Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems would like to not only block the expansion of legalized gambling in Illinois – and subsequently its potential for jobs, revitalization of local infrastructures, and tax revenue – but also roll it back where it is already legal. They see the damage wrought on individuals but turn a blind eye to the costs of, and damage caused by, prohibition. Criminalization of gambling doesn’t stop it, it only drives it underground and into the control of wholly unregulated criminal enterprises. To deprive communities and the state the opportunity to expand gambling and possibly reap the economic benefits it can bring because some might fall under the sway of gambling addiction is short-sighted. The compulsive gambler may lose his shirt to legalized gambling, true, but stands to lose so much more when the only option is that provided by the illegal underworld.

Mike Wasilewski

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