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Thursday, March 24, 2011 06:01 pm

Letters to the Editor 03/24/11


Despite a tax increase, Gov. Pat Quinn’s budget called for major cuts to social service programs.

Regarding “Quinn makes shameful cuts to child care,” by Rich Miller, Feb. 10: I am a home daycare provider. I have a family with three children. The mother, 27 years old, is going to nursing school full time and the school is an hour away. She is also working full time. People like that deserve a little help.

Not all families that get assistance are working the system. Mothers who sign up for daycare assistance have to have proof, and good proof, of their work and schooling. They almost have to jump through hoops to get daycare approved. They also have to turn in their grades showing they are going to school.

Parents who are doing their share of helping themselves deserve a little help to get on their feet. If daycare payments are cut, not only will the family that needs daycare have to quit their jobs and get on full-time state assistance, but so will the daycare providers. So two families will then need full-time state assistance. Now do the math.

Micky Carlton Pruitt

Recently there was some type of road construction on West Monroe just past Chatham Road. I pass by there around 2 p.m. and I could not believe how many people zipped on by the road workers, not even slowing down a little. I can’t believe how little people care. I am not sure what the penalty is for injuring a road worker but if you kill a road worker you could pay a fine of up to $10,000 and or do jail time. Please, for the safety of the road workers, slow down

Jessica Blackburn

There was a forum held Friday, March 18, at the Rochester Library allowing 10 candidates running for the fire board to introduce themselves and answer questions submitted by the public prior to the forum. I attended to gather information on each candidate and make an informed decision for the upcoming election April 5.

Andy Beck and Teresa Sturdy were not in attendance. Since I have no information regarding where they stand on issues concerning the fire department and board, I have eliminated them as possible trustees.

Five of the eight candidates who participated in the forum were prepared with original and informative answers, and subsequently, have the most cumulative experience. Four of them are currently serving on the fire board as trustees and the fifth is a retired battalion chief with 34 years of firefighting experience.

In my opinion, Patt Patterson, Don Wulf, Tim Cravens, Mike Keafer and William Riggs are the obvious choices to continue the great work established by the current Rochester Fire Protection District Board of Trustees.

Cindy G. Cannon

Amen to the letter from Brian Steinhauer [March 10]. If the Times would actually investigate the two largest causes of health insurance increases they would find that Mr. Steinhauer is correct – defensive medicine and malpractice insurance.

The demonizing of physicians by Mr. Krohe Jr. is as insulting as the trial lawyers claiming that they provide a “needed” service to protect us from bad doctors. Why are the fat cat lawyers given a pass, Mr. Krohe? Excuse me, but I would rather have a physician protect my health than a lawyer. There is a reason they are called “ambulance chasers.”

Dennis Porter

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