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Thursday, April 14, 2011 05:20 pm

wisconsin poem # 4

will the citizens who voted for
that governor and his cohorts
rejoice when their kids’ teachers
are fired perhaps themselves if
they are teachers? the most
experienced going first, natch
when class sizes are increased
to sixty? when smart people will
no longer go into teaching? the
wisconsin salaries are well below
ours in illinois and now they’ll
have no recourse on anything
is this a political poem of course
it isn’t even a poem I am a
wisconsinite but an illinois
teacher with pension, benefits
I worked hard still am so is
my badger daughter this isn’t
just about greedy teachers
and the state north of us this
will affect the whole country
wisconsin was bought thanks
to the supreme court’s big biz
myopia they saw corporations as
people we are all being bought
this coup is more  than dirty politics
this is war! today we have a sweet
moment of victory though it might
not last through the inevitable
costly recount the right person won
by 204 votes up there on Tuesday
204 votes! it could make a huge
difference don’t let anybody ever
tell you your vote doesn’t count
    *    *    *
well I’m afraid I’m telling you now
if your vote happens to be one of
14,000 that didn’t get “sent in” till
two days after the election and has
reversed the outcome it may be
withheld till convenient I thought
this only happened in chicago

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