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Thursday, June 16, 2011 11:12 am

newspaper newsquirk poem #2

newspaper newsquirk poem #2

you could write a poem a week
just from the newsquirks column
one I’ve saved states that in a
taiwan province petty offenders have
the option of playing mah-jong with
oldsters rather than fines or prison time
another tells of a man arrested for stealing
tools, materials and dozens of doorknobs
he confessed he took the other items
so it would look like a typical burglary
not someone just stealing doorknobs
the third was a syracuse study about
female bats the males of promiscuous
females boasted the biggest testicles
but smallest brains while the males with
faithful wives had smaller testes and larger
brains now what do you make of that
and how can all three quirkies be
united into one poem guess they can’t

2011 Jacqueline Jackson
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