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Thursday, June 23, 2011 02:23 pm

peepoem # 5

peepoem # 5

I heard it on NPR marketplace it wasn’t
april 1 someone caught a guy on camera
peeing in a reservoir think it was portland
the scene went viral to use a mod term I
don’t know the details but authorities are
now draining millions of gallons millions
of dollars because “people won’t drink the
water” what about the fish turtles frogs
they pee whenever what about the ducks
geese gulls notorious for droppings a public
info campaign would no doubt cost more
than flushing away drinking water and who
notices public info campaigns anyway also
what about those fish turtles frogs flopping
in the mud if this is true it should be bigger
news now will someone tell me where I can
pee to have the book I’m about to publish go
viral it’s full of bullshit and will cost about
twenty-five bucks inexpensive eco-fertilizer

2011 Jacqueline Jackson
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