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Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011 03:31 pm

chickenfeed poem #1

chickenfeed poem #1

friends a chicken is an omnivore needs
protein that’s why so many kids’ books
of earlier centuries are heavy on boys
hunting and trapping – pitch that dead
bunny in the chicken yard when bugs are
under the snow my daughter and son-in-law
keep a 5-gallon covered can in their trunk
beat the crows to fresh nevada roadkill
throw the rabbit lizard vole to their flock
(in a covered yard picked beetle clean – hawks
coyotes like protein too, so chickens can’t run
free) the gang falls on any delicacy with joy
makes short work of the treat but one day in
comes a huge furry dead raccoon oh oh oh
an enemy! consternation! the hens huddle in
a corner the brave rooster protects his harem
with widespread wings — but when the danger
doesn’t move hour after hour they gradually
venture forth finally realize they have a banquet
the happy feast lasts days and days and days

2011 Jacqueline Jackson
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