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Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011 03:32 pm

Letters to the Editor 11/03/11


A reader thanks IT for the Best of Springfield tribute to the late Audrey Caitlin Barker of Caitie Girl’s.

Thanks for an engaging, colorful, well-written “Best of Springfield,” which reminds me of all the good folks in Springfield striving to be better than good enough, and sometimes succeeding.

Thanks also for the tribute to Audrey Caitlin Barker. She was a gem, a Springfield original whose creative menus indulged our passions and stimulated our imaginations – a dangerous and delicious combination. We will miss her.

We will also miss the Trout Lily Cafe, which closed its doors this week after 12 years in downtown Springfield. A sad day, but a joyous one too, for the TLC nourished us, engaged us, inspired us, and was a haven for artists and musicians looking for hope and a place to create. Three cheers for Kate Hawkes, who opened the TLC door, worked long hours, brewed a zillion pots of coffee, served a million muffins and a billion lunches, and reminded us to buy local and to support downtown businesses. Here’s hoping Kate gets some long deserved rest.

William Furry

Speaker Madigan’s House resolution says AFSCME members have received a 4.25 percent raise every year for the last five years. That is one of the biggest lies these politicians have been telling to Illinois taxpayers. Madigan needs to tell people how much of a raise he and his cronies in the legislature have received in the last five years.

The laws Madigan and his cronies have passed to help themselves and their friends are scandalous. For example, a retired city of Chicago worker making only $15,264 per year, makes a whopping $157,752 in yearly retirement because of a scandalous law passed by the legislature and signed by then Gov. Thompson.

If the federal government can indict Gov. Rod Blagojevich for what he did, they should indict all those lawmakers who passed scandalous laws to benefit themselves and their friends and families. They have committed more serious crimes than Rod Blagojevich. These politicians don’t care at all about the people they are supposed to be representing.

Harish G. Bhatt

According to the State Journal-Register, Quenton T. Bates’ sexual assault evidence was analyzed within two weeks of his arrest. The question is, how is it that Bates’ evidence was analyzed within two weeks and it’s now been more than four months since Alderman Sam Cahnman’s evidence was sent in and the results aren’t back yet? As someone who grew up in Chicago, I learned that politics isn’t a beauty contest where the prettiest girl wins; it’s a blood-sport where the strongest man survives.

Was it a coincidence that within six months of fighting for and winning a drive-through liquor window ban that Cahnman was arrested in a setup by the Springfield Police Department? And was it another coincidence that within six months of a jury exonerating him from the failed setup attempt that the same police department decided to investigate Cahnman based on the allegations of a very “troubled” woman? And is it now just another coincidence that the evidence that would exonerate him is being withheld?

I’m finally going to get to vote for someone who doesn’t merely sit in a city council seat and vote on issues that are thrown into their corner, but for someone who jumps into the ring and fights for the good of his constituents. Springfield’s Ward 5 Alderman Sam Cahnman has survived “The Brawl at City Hall” and now it’s time to send him into the state arena. In times like these, we don’t need a beauty queen to represent the interests of the 96th District, we need a pit bull. That’s why I’ll be voting for Sam Cahnman

David Daker

In last week’s issue we made a mistake on the address and phone number of Holy Land Diner, voted the Best Vegetarian Restaurant. It is at 107 W. Cook St. in the Vinegar Hill Mall, 544-5786. IT regrets the error. 

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